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Yes, yes keep the red pills in the mainstream flowing.

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Strike EA down with it! Give in to your anger. With each passing moment you make yourself more redpilled!

It is unavoidable!

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Shit, are they trying to start another gamergate?

The same bullshit seems to be getting cooked in the usual places: "victim", "harassment", "lies", "misogyny", etc.

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Pretty sure they pulled similar stunts during the ME3 debacle. In fact, I think that's where the "Entitled Gamers" narrative really started to pick up steam.

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Cater to a group of leftists who place heavy emphasis on political ideologies rather than playing actual video games

Oh my GOD how did the poorly-made game bomb!?

If mental gymnastics were an event at the Olympics these retards would take gold every time

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You can taste their salt in his updates.

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crazy that you have to screenshot everything these days because big companies are so willing to be dishonest. thinking about the NYT trying to change their wiretapping headlines in particular.

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Little protip: Many articles use the title for the url. When they change the title, the url stays the same.

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Check the credits of the game

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How much you bet that before you can play the game, you'll have to download some stupid patch and that patch will be in the form of removing her from the title "Lead Facial Animator"?

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I don't really want to sit through 7 minutes of their credit wall combing for one name :/

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Lucky for you I have no life.

@4:25, EA Central Teams, The Capture Lab, 4th name on left column

I assume "Capture Lab" means motion capture, so it sounds like the right ballpark at least. There's no mention of her being "lead", though it doesn't credit anyone else as lead in that category either.

Now do I really think it's likely she's personally to blame for the sorry state of the animations? No, I don't. Screwing up that bad takes a team effort.

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Mass Effect Androgynous

[–] SaveTheChildren 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

Tranny agenda

[–] Zaqwert 0 points 7 points (+7|-0) ago 

My inkling is that she WAS indeed the lead facial animator and once the truth came out (Bioware hired an incompetent no-talent cosplayer to be one of their lead animators) they are essentially throwing her under the bus trying to make it out like she exaggerated her position.

And she won't dispute it because who the hell would want to be responsible for that trainwreck anyway.

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She could be quietly going along collecting ammo for a discrimination/harassment payday down the line. A 7 figure "please stop talking and go away" settlement wouldn't be too unlikely.

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