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Edit: I understand now, I thought you meant you'd seen posts being removed for rule 2 after gaining traction, but I understand you mean posts getting through the cracks

That's a good point! That post didn't click with me as being a rule 2 violation because i didn't realize it was in-game content.

I used to remove rule 2 violations if I caught them quickly (less than 20 minutes) and work with OP to help him redo his post with the game name in the title. Otherwise I'd just comment in with a friendly rule reminder for future posts.

About six months ago there was a degree of pushback from the community about removing posts for anything but spam, so I've been falling back to rule reminders more often than not.

Most rule 2 violations are first timers, so a friendly rule reminder is nearly as effective as a removal and a lot less discouraging for new posters. Usually once rule 2 is brought to someone's attention they're more than happy to oblige the community by including game names in their posts.

What do you think?


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As I said, I like the sentiment that this sub defaults to friendly reminders if a post has gotten traction. I only brought it up that Rule 2 has been kind of lax, that if the general sentiment is for less rules, it is one I won't lose any sleep over. Yes, I do want to know where the screenshot/gameplay/art is from.


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I understand, and I appreciate the great feedback