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2: Honestly, this is the one I have seen the most amount of "this post has gotten traction, but this post breaks a rule".

You've seen this on /v/gaming, or just on forums in general? I try to never delete a rule-breaking post that gains traction; I figure if a post makes it out of /v/gaming/new and I didn't catch it, that's my fault for not being available and I shouldn't punish OP or remove ongoing discussion when a friendly reminder will reach more people than a removal would.

I appreciate the feedback, especially about rule 5. It seems like this rule is mostly doing double-duty with the site-wite rules, so we might be better off leaving it out.


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Just on /v/gaming, as a casual observer, it seems like Rule 2 got through the cracks the most often. And it is not as if it has been deleted submissions recently, last three months, by checking the mod logs, is almost all spam/rule 1.

EDIT: As of right now, on my front page, is this post, which technically breaks rule 2, but is relatively popular with voaters.

I try to never delete a rule-breaking post that gains traction;

Appreciate the mindset, Anyway, if you do create a "suggestion" category like for spoilers, I personally would be interested to see just how often Rule 2 is needed, and if it is not in the title, how often the name of the game is explicitly referred to in the comments. In hindsight, it almost feels too close to the "?" rule from the askvoat drama.


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Edit: I understand now, I thought you meant you'd seen posts being removed for rule 2 after gaining traction, but I understand you mean posts getting through the cracks

That's a good point! That post didn't click with me as being a rule 2 violation because i didn't realize it was in-game content.

I used to remove rule 2 violations if I caught them quickly (less than 20 minutes) and work with OP to help him redo his post with the game name in the title. Otherwise I'd just comment in with a friendly rule reminder for future posts.

About six months ago there was a degree of pushback from the community about removing posts for anything but spam, so I've been falling back to rule reminders more often than not.

Most rule 2 violations are first timers, so a friendly rule reminder is nearly as effective as a removal and a lot less discouraging for new posters. Usually once rule 2 is brought to someone's attention they're more than happy to oblige the community by including game names in their posts.

What do you think?