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Perhaps we should put a rules area then a suggestions sub area area. It may have to be part of the "Rules" due to the layout of the page but could be titled differently.

Though expecting the mods to touch each post could be a bitch if we saw more traffic then ~50 posts a day not horrible now but not timely like having the poster do it themselves either.

Rules are not a bad thing they can create something organized instead of completely random, and that makes the sub far more friendly if you can expect the title to be related to the content below it.


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The problem I have is this...

What is the ultimate goal for the sub.

If the goal is to have a vast catalog of categorized posts, that is well outside the capabilities of the way Voat is coded. And in order to have something like that, now you will punish a user just because they forgot to put the name of the game in the title (assuming that they know the name of the game).

If the goal is make it easier for the the users to see what game the post is about before clicking on it. What are you really saving? 2 seconds for the user to realize they aren't interested and hit back or close tab. Is it worth it forcing rules on people just to save 2 seconds? No.

Really, take a lot at other general subs and see how they have their rules. Take /v/videos for example. There are no tags in any of the titles. And they only have 2 rules, Direct links and accurate titles. And the accurate titles are usually copied directly from the title of the video on the video site, which is good enough. Are some of them ambiguous? Sure. But, so what? If the title doesn't interest you, you move on. If you are interested but after watching the first 5 seconds realize the title is wrong and you aren't interested, you hit back and give a downvote. No need to put "[SJW][debate][college][freespeech]Milo vs. Femenist" for fear of getting the post deleted because you didn't comply with the tagging rule.