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It's not the mods or owners job to regulate behavior. That's the reddit style of moderating and one of the main reasons why we are on Voat.

Any rules that go outside the realm of the subject matter is not needed. And any rules that dictate behavior only pushes people away. For example, if you truly care about not seeing spoilers, make a new subverse, call it /v/spoilfreegaming, and go ahead and talk about video games but without talking about what happens in them. Just like how there is a /v/nsfwgaming (though only 2 posts), it's a more specific subject than just gaming. But, rules 2, 3, 4, and 6 can still spawn discussions. So what if a title is clickbaity? Hell, many gaming sites use clickbait titles. If the article is decent, that rule will still punish the user who posts it (if they don't bother to editorialize the title).

If the users don't like it, let them downvoat and move on. The owner/mods should never be the gatekeepers of what the users can see.

As for comments, I say fuck it. Unless the comment is breaking a site wide rule (ie. posting a dox, link to CP, etc.) let the community vote. But, never delete a comment (aside from site wide rule breaks). If someone wants to explain why a comment got downvoted, let someone comment and explain. Don't delete it because you don't like it but rather because it violates a site wide rule. If a user has their panties in a twist and cursing at everyone, leave it. They will get downvoted and face the consequences of possible ccp restriction. You don't build a community by regulating behavior but by being engaging with the users.