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I appreciate the feedback! I'm not a fan of #3 (memes) myself, mainly because "meme" is so difficult to define and often falls into a gray area. Reacher did a pretty good job of pinning down a workable definition, but I'd often find myself erring on the side of caution and being more lenient when in doubt.

Thinking sub-wide, I think we can agree that no one wants /v/gaming to end up being a meme-fest like other online gaming communities, but we'll all probably disagree on how far we should allow the slider to move before we reach that point. I'm eager for anyone willing to help pin down the definition farther so that this rule is more predictable and easier to call, or just seeing how we fly without it if enough people want it gone.

About #5 (illegal content) I can't remember the last time we needed to enforce this. We're not the copyright police and don't want to be. It's mainly about making sure Voat as an entity is safe from copyright claims, and that's not too difficult to do. I actually wouldn't mind dropping this one if the community decides to, especially since Voat's site-wide rules prohibit unlawful content already.

Some awesome and very well thought out feedback. Thank you for getting the discussion started!

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I appreciate your expertise, Screwdriver; I enjoy reading your insights on all things gaming law, retro gaming, and a surprising number of other topics. As far as emulators are concerned, I give them a pass and just ask users not to direct link to ROMs if they can help it. The thing is, it shouldn't be illegal to post a link on Voat to another site that's itself linking to a ROM, right? What are your thoughts on that scenario?

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