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Beautiful. Absolutely Beautiful.

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Hey come on now, Turok at least gave us fog to cover up missing buildings

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It worked at the time for the hardware we had.

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That's true.

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Ever played Killzone 3 on the PS3? Fogging is optional, the devs prefer to just let textures and objects fade in and out of existence right in front of you.

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I recall playing fallout new vegas with the big rifle and lining up a shot with a deathclaw, then it takes a step away from me and boom it is gone from render range.

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this joke was a lot funnier in the PS2 days.

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Is it not still ps2 days?? Fuckimbehind

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Haven't seen mouse on ps2 for ages. Every one uses USB.

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It's OK, I stopped with the PS2 and Game Cube. PS2 + bootloader on memcard + HDD + CRT TV = disc-free game goodness!

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i got an xbox about 1 month ago....i still have tons of games on xbox360 that i havent played yet. assasins creed, the mortal combats, dark souls etc...

im mostly a fallout person. i play skyrim from time to time. and GTA5 but once you finish the main story, theres not a lot to do that interests me. im not an online gamer

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As a former PC gamer, former console gamer, and now currently a retrogamer, that's a pretty funny joke.

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That's pretty good haha

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This is gold.

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That's pretty hilarious.

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