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My one concern with Enderal is that I have Skyrim heavily modded and setup just how I like would I have to remove all that for enderal to work correctly?

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You don't have to. IIRC the Enderal installer allows you to make a carbon copy of your Skyrim folder before it overwrites it. I think you actually can freely switch between Enderal and your heavily modded Skyrim game at will from the Enderal Launcher.

This being said, Enderal itself at least supports some mods also used on regular Skyrim (but naturally not all).

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I normally don't link to this kind of stuff, but Enderal as a mod was as good if not even better than Skyrim itself - something quite remarkable for a pure fan project that was (and still is) jackfree for download. The few remaining members of the core team now want to add a DLC which, amongst other things, would add several new quests which focus on content which had to be cut from the main game due to time and personal constraints (the team was rapidly falling apart towards the end of development).

Given how much sweat and blood the modders have put into the free TC, and how the remaining core team still wants to support it when most other members have grown tired of the modding work, I personally feel sure AI could use any support it can get. Even if you don't plan to donate, I still warmly, warmly recommend Enderal to all people who own Skyrim.