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How did I go though the entire 1990's without knowing this. What is going on right now, this is some twilight zone bullshit right here.

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... Is... Is this for real?!

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Basically the programmers didn't predict how Mario would interact with these spinning saws while sliding. When they shock with each other, the blades transform in a unused enemy model that gives Mario 100 points.

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I...saw that coming.

I'm sorry.

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Gamebreaker. Jokes aside, can anyone screencap the monester?

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Ass of steel

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Reminds me of how you could kill Iggy and Larry's projectiles by sliding at them in the boss battle. Same sort of glitchy graphic appeared there too.

But yeah, it happens because for some reason, these sprites are set to be killable by sliding yet don't have graphics for when they're killed that way. Hence the glitchy mess you get here.

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I'm pretty sure that in SMB3, you can kill The Angry Sun the same way.

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It's too bad Super Mario Maker doesn't have slopes or those run-on-the-wall wedge blocks, otherwise, there could be some amazing ways to use this mechanic in user-designed levels.

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It doesn't?