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It's so tiresome to watch this dishonesty committed. If there were any grain of truth whatsoever, then violent crime would correlate with the number of games produced. Only the inverse holds any semblance of being true.

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That, and I honestly can't remember the last time I saw a video game advocate for the torture of the mentally ill.

Seriously, if a game were released that encouraged players to kidnap and torture people, there'd be outrage in the gaming community. Remember when Edgelord Simulator 2015 (Hatred) came out? Most gamers hated the idea of shooting random civilians and the game saw mediocre sales to match its mediocre level design.

These sorts of articles, regrettably, pop up whenever there's a tragedy- people will always hunt for easy scapegoats, unfortunately.

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The author is some old retard named Tavis Smiley. The guy has got a book about being old and giving advice to young people.

He has no idea what he's talking about. I doubt he remembers the last thing he ate or the last time he managed to not shit himself.

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One, while it’s clearly reprehensible, the [...]

I... really, sir, there's not a teachable moment about a society gone mad here. Coulda stopped there instead of all the paragraphs of grasping at straws to lay the blame in as many places as possible besides with the actual perps.

What's fascinating is how far authorities went to avoid pressing hate crime charges, and that when they did they made it over a disability rather than race even though race clearly played a part in the recordings. Maybe the author of the article should dig into what that says about our society and the divisions within the next time he wants to waste ink on faux-introspection?

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Society always needs a scapegoat to deal with the harsher truth of life, a weak society does this, religion blames it on "demons" and "devils". They can't fathom that humans are capable of some truly dark shit. While to an extent movies do play a role in shaping thought and at times action, video games in it's nature really can't since it's an interactive medium that you yourself do.

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Click on the author's name. It shows every article they wrote. Read a few and form your own conclusion about the author. I can't even.

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That statement, my friend, is punitive, pejorative, preposterous, pretentious, and provocative! ;)

I pretty much lost it when he strung together three of those words in a row. I also like how the media bears no responsibility. Sigh...this dude...

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Psychology of Killing

If it were that easy to get people to be violent the military would send new recruits to the local video arcade instead of boot camp.

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Why are they always looking for an excuse. To explain people just being plain messed up. Some times the people are just like that. You can't blame it on any one thing. It could be a multitude of things that make a person break. Playing a video game doesn't make someone a potential murderer. A bad life over all while playing games does.

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They are called reporters not scientists or historians they just report things nothing says they have to be true things.

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