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I ended up buying a few things

One was Rogue Legacy which I have put some hours into already. I tried playing it once before but the fun was lost on me, now though, I am enjoying the deaths and seeing a new castle layout the next time through. The fact that every heir had their own faults, like being colorblind, far / near sighted or gigantism is just the right amount of funny before you go storming through the castle trying to find the next boss and almost inevitably your own grave. So far its been great.

Next on my list to play is Transistor, if you've played Bastion I don't need to say much more!

The third was The Ship, the whole premise of the game looks hilarious but I have yet to play. From what I understand you play as a famous person, the example I saw was George W. Bush and you, and a number of other famous people, are trapped on a boat and tasked to kill each other. George's targer? Margaret Thatcher haha. Also the game came with two other copies and I am going to rope some friends in to trying it out with me.

Did you end up buying anything?


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I have played rogue legacy for several hundreds of hours already! I already unlocked everything possible and it's still extremely hard to beat! Never gets easier, believe me! I have heard of transistor, but never of the ship before. That actually sounds really interesting! I myself didn't buy that much this year, actually I only grabbed a copy of terraria for a friend, bought portal 2 (finally!) and garry's mod because I love the multiplayer. I also thought about buying the bioshock series or at least one of them, but portal still was a little more appealing to me. Unfortunately, I couldn't even make use of the summer sale except for the last day, so I probably could've bought a lot more awesome games. Oh well, next year maybe! :p by the way, if you like rogue-likes, you should really try the binding of isaac and its dlc! When on sale, those 2 together don't cost 3 bucks and you can easily put more than a thousand hours into it and it still doesn't get boring! Love it!


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Another Rogue Legacy player, awesome! When you say it doesn't get any easier I believe you but maybe you can give me some advice. I have some upgrades, I'd say I need around 1200-2000 gold to get any more of the bigger upgrades but I am having trouble ever making it to that amount through my runs and Charon, that bastard... Any advice on how to get past this road block or am I just in need of more skill?

I have Portal 2 also, I never got to play the co-op, let me know if you want to try it out. Message me and ill send you my info!

Ahh, there were many good games but sometimes less is more, especially during the steam sales. Staring at the many many games you could have bought and trying to get through them all is a big task! Now you can power through a few and really enjoy them, and with digital games there's sure to be another sale on the games you missed if you pay attention.

What games did you want but not get?