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There's plenty of buttery popcorn worth digging into, as well.

My goodness. My favorite is where the top mod demeaned another mod for talking to the lowly regular users about other mods. Shame on you, mod, you don't talk to the plebs about other mods like that. It's a brotherhood of sorts. Higher up on the food chain.

This guy, and anyone that mods like that, is a fucking cucked out joke of a man.

edit: Here's an imgur album of modlogs, for your easy clicking.


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"Not enough popcorn." 10/10 - IGN

Say what you want about Sean Murray or No Man's Sky, but I honestly haven't gotten as much enjoyment from a game in years. The release was spectacular, every second since has been fantastic, I never know what's coming next, and just know there's loads more left to enjoy. And I haven't even had to play the fucking thing.

I laughed my lungs out haha


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Hahaha, this made my day. Thank you :)


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Almost as bad as Game Informer review of Mass Effect 3 claiming the end was completely satisfying and left no questions unanswered.


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It's almost as if mods invariably acted like they own the community they should serve.