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It's ridiculous. This people always talk about how games should be more diverse to "reflect" reality(that guess what, they don't need to, because they're not political advertisements), but when a game dares to tackle real-life issues like this people supposedly wanted to, they throw a fit. They're not very different of people criticizing japanese developers because they tackle with religious matter(by the way Square Enix, who owns the Deus Ex franchise, is one of these). They're nothing less and nothing more than censorship's supporters.


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These are the same people who tell us we need to have a national conversation about rape, but Game of Thrones, which has started more conversations about rape than Bill Cosby and Bill Clinton combined, is totally misogynistic for having storylines about rape (even when Margaery Tyrell's story includes her killing a patriarchal authority figure to keep him from raping her, which is as feminist as it gets). They're literally just looking for something to complain about. Ignore them.


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It's not that they want games to tackle social issues, it's that they want games to tackle social issues through their lens and under their supervision only. In other words, you can only do social commentary if you have a valid social commentary license.


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Yeah, they need to hire diversity directors with degrees in women's studies and at least a six-figure salary. You can't trust ordinary people to properly understand a highly demanding and research-based field such as diversity.


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The only way to win the SJW game is not to play.


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It's not the SJW game to tackle with real-life issues. The X-Men are around for 50 years with metaphor for AIDS, anti-semitism and discrimination against homosexuals, depending of the mood of the writer. It's just that the developers of Deus Ex were caught in the middle of a war where one side can't even decide what is really fighting for.


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Severed heads no longer plot.


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The worse is that most of those people won't even buy the game, no matter what.