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Never played nor do I know the concept behind Destiny 1. Am I missing out?


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If you're looking for a epic, deep story that's beautifully acted and voiced... no. Bungie dropped the ball pretty hard in that respect.

Where Destiny succeeds is it's gameplay systems. Gunplay is fantastic. It plays somewhat like an MMO, with daily quests, guilds, main story quests, raids, instances, etc. Only, instead of tab targeting and mashing number keys to queue up attacks and other actions, you're running and jumping around, shooting and using abilities in real time. However, when it comes to how it all fits together, it's kind of a mixed bag.

The gameplay revolves around running around and performing the same activities time after time with very little variation. After you run through each quest the first time, you've pretty much seen everything it has to offer. The patrol areas, the game's version of an open world, are a series of smaller areas linked together through smaller passages. This isn't a bad thing, but it's how they had to structure the game to get it working correctly on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

I personally had a fun time with it, but it has some pretty clear flaws that many haven't been able to get past. The game is one hell of a grind fest for top-tier gear, with most of the better pieces being locked behind the 6-player raids... the only part of the game that doesn't have matchmaking. These raids also have gameplay elements that aren't present anywhere else in the game. So, your only hope of ever playing these raids is by finding people via various online communities.

The game is fun. It's just not fantastic.