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Looks fun. Can you make them all subtly jewish? Would be fun to get it popular so all the non goats can participate in Jewish slaughter unknowingly.

Also are there ovens?

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Store page says the game was released April 19th.

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You idiots, this is a 3 year old account with almost no participation. Fuck this reddit faggot and his game. His last comment was 2.9 years ago. Don't spend a dime with this faggot.

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chill out his game is a dollar.

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Sorry I don't support drive by advertising. Fuck him. Have some resolve about the core of this site. This isn't a site to sell shit ESPECIALLY when you are not even a slightly active member. If you want to do that, pay for advertising. Not to mention he launched this game months ago and squats on this sub.

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I feel like every one of the accounts saying they are going to buy it are alts...

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Wow for $0.67 how can I not get it?

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Good for you! I'll get it when I get home

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Got it

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Very cool. How long did it take you? What inspired you? Is this the first game you've published? I only play pubg and hots right now. I bought an indie game a long time ago and never played it, so I'm not sure if I will ever go back. Well let me take that back, I purchased enter the guneon which I loved.