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Frankly, the government has no business telling us what to do with our money, as cash or otherwise.

It is ridiculous to think otherwise. If they want to stop money laundering, why not start by investigating the Clinton Foundation, and leave the rest of us and our measly $10k cash alone ffs.

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I have gone a couple years barly making even that on the books, and they still want more in taxes. Fuckem.

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I make decent money, have not paid in twenty years. Not sure how I pulled this off. Contractor I guess. Felt compelled to go on VPN to hide. Also, I have a ton of gold in other countries. You know the USA fags want me to declare that too? LOL nah. I don't declare anything anyway. Fuck the IRS, fuck USA government. Rock on Americans!

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For real. The money fucking (((Feinstein))) gets from kikeland alone is probably enough to dwarf half of America's wealth.

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It never is about fighting crime. All free traders (so also criminals) will find another money when state currency is rendered useless to them. (Lately I've read an article about retail drug dealers using premium laundry detergent as currency.)
War on cash is about abolishing this obsolete currency carrier, for it has little potential for surveillance and control (no one can freeze cash in your pocket, but with frozen bank account you're just a jew's bitch).

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Why do you need that much cash? More like why the fuck do you need to know my business?

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Too fucking right. In Europe, if you have over 1k euros on your person, the burden of proof is on you to prove it doesn't come from money laundering, meanwhile the police can confiscate it.

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i keep retyping this comment cause idk what to say. Pisses me off so much. They do bs in the us too, they can confiscate money and property before you're proven guilty of a crime. It's called civil forfeiture. We're just slaves, don't ever forget it.

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That applies in the US as well. They'll confiscate the cash, the car, and the clothes on your back too. Then they'll put them on trail in case titled "The United Stated v. 1000 dollars, a 30 year old beater, and jeans suit."

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Sorry mate, but that sounds like bullshit. Never heard of such law here in Jewrope.

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Fuck yeah.

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Besides the fact that this isn't just about cash you are carrying on you, the "fuck you" dude is right-

It's my money and it's not your business why I'm carrying it. If the government doesn't know why I want to carry it, that doesn't mean they now own it and can take it.

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In all honesty, 14 pounds of C4 is far too little. It's time to restock.

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Opsec, nigger, Opsec! lol

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Actually, it's more suspicious that you only have a partial amount of the 12th stick of C4 to come up with that weight.

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I was in no condition to be doing math, last night, but you're right. Once you're cutting blocks to make them last, you need to restock.

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Or buy a vehicle in a private sale. Or tools for a small business. Any number of transactions that the government now has its cock in.

I can't tell from the context if the original post was complaining about tax law, requiring reporting of any cash transaction over this amount, or civil asset forfeiture where the government can steal large sums of cash unless you can prove legitimate ownership. Either way fuck both policies.

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I mean you aren't wrong. Next they'll come after my drum magazines and a relaxing Saturday. Oh wait, some cocksucker states already have.

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a relaxing Saturday

Let me guess, commiefornia or new york.

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Some people just have no desire to be free. They can't even comprehend the idea.

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"Because Fuck You, That's Why"

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