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I've watched it like eight times, I can't stop, lol.

I'm going by my directions, watching it, not his. My left, his right, etc. When I'm watching it, though, right after he goes left and the kid didn't bring the board down, it looks like there is a split second of confusion where he pauses, and goes wtf? Before the chick brings her board down. So I'm still going to equate that as his fault, cause he knew she was bringing it down and he let his confusion stop him for just long enough that he took a board to the head. Yeah, OK, she might have gone a half second early, but it was still his fault for letting his confusion get the better of him.

I think the last kid, who got him in the chest, just kinda lost it and forgot what he was doing. Only explanation I can see, cause he turned that board sideways right before he hit him.


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So righteous that you can't see straight.