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and now it went from a simple local possession crime to a federal offense. Intent to use the mail for illegal purposes.


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sees this post "Wow, that's pretty smart!"

reads your comment - Thanks Jesus you made it


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Oh shit, you're right. And if they'd smell Marijuana in the car they wouldn't have a problem with a warrant or whatever they need to search it


[–] JimboBillyBobJustice 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

that not exactly has been ruled in some states that just the smell of burnt marijuana in a car does not give them the right to search it...not sure about smelling raw leaf would work...think that would give them the right


[–] 4592728? 1 points 4 points (+5|-1) ago 

If you did it right I doubt they could make charges stick.

Take large empty envelope or package and address it to yourself from some random person. Mail it from another county to yourself via stamps so you just have to drop it off.

Now you have a package that you can put whatever you like in and seal up that people would need to get a warrant to(legally) open and it would be hard for them to charge you with anything seeing how you are not in control of what people mail to you.

Good in theory but, with the law enforcement of today you would end up with an open package dumped on the ground and a cop that claims it was that way when he found it. You end up in handcuffs locked in a cold room while a guy shoves his finger up your ass. Then you get to pay a fee so that someone will pay your bail which for some reason is more than what you make in a year. Then you get to spend 1000's in legal fees so that you can make them play fair. Do you feel innocent until proven guilty yet?


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Canada here.

We have bud mail already


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Well it's not illegal for you either.

like you fuckers need to be anymore chill anyway