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A.I. is gonna replace cognitive labourers like paralegals, radiologists, etc.

It's much harder to replace a gardener or janitor.

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In the first wave, we find that most workers in transportation and logistics occupations, together with the bulk of office and administrative support workers, and labour in production occupations, are likely to be substituted by computer capital…[In addition] a substantial share of employment in services, sales and construction occupations exhibit high probabilities of computerisation.


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I used to have this argument with a friend of mine back before 2016. He bandied about the old "we need them to do the jobs we don't want. Without them there would just be automation."

I said let them automate everything. If automation is going to happen anyway, why postpone it and bring in hoards of people that will just be rendered jobless by it's inevitable implementation amyway? What, we're supposed to bring them all here to then put them out of the job so we have to support them with welfare? There's enough poor people here already that need assistance.

But he didn't care. These people have to have their immigrants. There's some weird, sick fetish about the entire business.

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Race mixing to dumbdown the whites to extinction.

Jews need their goyum, whites have thwarted them every time, they hate us

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Anyone who accepts welfare, social security, or any of the multitude of EU Free Gibs wants the migrants. They are required to keep the pyramid scheme going. Why? Because your women are not having children. There is no next generation of working class people of your race. They simply do not exist.

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So destroy feminism. Japan is still 99% Japanese. Why? You refuse to answer this question and shit on your own race’s nature. You are a complete nigger tier moron defending neoliberalism and giving a pass to kikes mass importing. Commit suicide you dumb boomer moron. You defend the pyramid scheme of capitalism to your death because you’re a moron who believes it isn’t jewish. Just like the moron who can’t believe the holocaust is a lie you can’t believe capitalism could possibly ever be wrong so you blame nature for not bending to it instead of the people forcing it on you. You are the worst kind of person on earth and aren’t “right wing” at all. You’re a lolbert who belongs in a mass grave with communists.

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I do not accept the "economy needs endless labor aupply growth" argument.

Allow labor supply to stagnate and we'll go from there. Japan has this phenomenon occurring right now and it is not the end of the world scenario your globo homo masters are fear mongering.

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Migrants are needed as long as you live in a welfare state and women are not having children. You can fix either side of the equation. Or ignore it and just go extinct. Which seems to be what white people have chosen to do.

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Or you can let population dwindle and reach a new steady state. Not everyone is going to stop having children all at once.

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He’s a moron who thinks r/k selection is a choice. Enlightened niggers and their free will are so fucking stupid. Propaganda and marketing existing disproves free will. Just remove kikes, it’s simple.

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Niggers live in a perpetual welfare state & have litters of niglets

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Nature has selected weak cultures and weak genetics to die out. Whites with pacifist liberal cultures and weak in-group preferences will die out. Those people are currently the majority of the White population, which is why we're bleeding like a sieve--- because they do nothing to stop it. Unfortunately, these people are quite happy to march themselves to the guillotine and will take the lives of many innocent people with them to the grave because of the totality of their (((delusions))). Multiracial and multicultural societies cannot survive, there are too many incompatible groups competing for power, which is why the West is crumbling.

Whites who survive the transition will not exhibit those traits and we'll be better off in the long run--- for at least a time. Once the weak Whites are gone, you'll see almost a complete halt to the losses and the beginnings of a reversal. Many of the high 'peaks' of Western Civilization (White Civilization) have had long and dark interludes between them. While it is sad that we're coming off a particularly high peak (and therefore will experience an equally hard fall) and will be losing many of the luxuries/benefits our forefathers sacrificed to give us, but Western Civilization at this point has become irredeemably corrupt and decadent-- and it is time for this iteration to die.

Our current societies have no future to offer us, so there is no reason to wring our hands about losing them, other than to simply get our hands working on the next one-- that does actually offer a real future that solely belongs to us.

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You’re a moron who thinks selection is a choice on a broad scale. You should be hating on kikes who import niggers and spics in the first place. Japan has a lower birth rate than Europe. South Korea has a lower birth rate than any country on the planet and they are still 99% homogenous. Every time I see a comment from you I can’t believe how much of a moron you are. The enlightenment was a mistake and the belief in “free will” is a massive retarded christcuck cope. You don’t “choose” to be k selected, moron. As expected of a libertarian nigger tier intellect boomoid.

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As if they need to keep their story straight. No one is calling them out on their bullshit.

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Removed the s from unskilled. Unkilled. THAT is the problem here

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So, future wars will be machines versus migrant niggers

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it is a myth that robots do the jobs no citizen wants

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been saying this for 2 years

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