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Maybe its to make sure niggers arent doing drugs

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That may be intentional. If its a public in a city people get up to all kinds of hank panky in a shitter. If that's true it could be more distorted though.

Or maybe someone was a tard. idk

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Yeah it's so faggots don't bufu in the toilet

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Plenty of hotel bathrooms doing this shit the last few years too. It's unbelievably fucking stupid. Who needs privacy on the toilet after all?

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The cost of giving away a piece of our privacy is that they want to take it all.

The whole smartphone debate about data and privacy has spread.

[–] newfag322 ago 

I prefer shitting in the woods. I get plenty of privacy and don't have to smell other people's shit.

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At least he is doing it in a toilet. Albeit it should be in his own kinds bathroom, and even better his own country.

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Smooth glass walls, porcelain shitters

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