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It isn't the throwing thar kills them. You can't blame mel for gravity!

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I blame them for being too dense to fly!

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non buoyant muthafuckas!

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It isn't the throwing thar kills them.

How extraordinarily jewish of you.

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Kyle will be a watershed moment if he is, god forbid, found guilty on any charges. For fuck's sake the man waved down police to help him as the mob continued to follow him!

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almost as if logic is somthing the left count as fact

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I think its important to remember to ask Jesus for help in dire matters especially. Pray while you’re alive and tou’ll live lonfer. Teaches you to be honest too.

[–] karkov [S] ago 

i dont even like religion but jesus seems like 1 of the good 1s

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Its interesting how god tells you Satan is bad, even though god does far worse things in the bible, worse by his own standards. Then he teaches that knowledge is bad through the tree of knowledge and to not think things through too critically, meanwhile the only real proof we have that Satan is evil is gods words.

Its basically telling you to be ignorant and blindly accept what an obviously evil god says, while telling you to be skeptical of false prophets; yet the immature genocide inflicting all-knowing god loves you, but is also fine with you suffering for all eternity if you dont worship him.

Theres no way god isnt the evil one in these stories, the supposedly "evil" Satan wants you to stand up against evil, believe in yourself, and to try to think critically. What kind of loving god tells you to stay ignorant while he commits blatant atrocities that go against his own teachings?

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Jesus: Dude I already know

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You don't have to explain, if anything Jesus would be explaining it to you.

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For the record, in Young's Literal Translation of the bible (you can read it on biblehub.com as one example), Jews are absolutely called liars and the synagogue of the "Adversary" (aka Satan). The people of Judea are not necessarily jews either. I recommend reading Revelations at a minimum.

If you have trouble with the translation / language, just keep working through it and try to figure out the context of the words.

Jesus is legit. He was anti-jew. This whole thing about christ cucks is from idiots that do not understand what Jesus was about. Jesus even said that his followers were Christs. Christ is a state of mind, get on his fucking level.

edit: bit more from Revelations, the rider of the white horse towards the end of the book, he has "Word of God" written on his clothes and a sword coming out his mouth. This isn't an actual man with a sword coming out of his mouth, this is a man who is speaking god's truth and that truth will destroy every trash human being on earth. You will not be disappointed when you learn all this, I hope you get your own sword of truth and fucking slaughter all the degenerates with it.

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of course he did nothing wrong. if anyone's seen those videos, they'd have let him go without $2M bail. geez.

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Technically... when a person so firmly and finally gives themselves over to darkness — falling through error, evil, and sin to embrace iniquity, when he has rejected the many calls from his Unfailing Creator to come home, to repent, to receive Mercy, when that person becomes immune to the leadings of God, when the fragment of God can no longer indwell that human mind — this is spiritual death.

The body may continue on until biological life runs its course, but it is no different in status than an animal, but worse, it is truly a zombie.

If Jesus encountered such a zombie who posed a threat, Jesus would not hesitate to dispatch it immediately.

We must remember the Father will exhaust every Godlike means to save each and every one of His erring children.

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