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Imagine being black and then making yourself so fucking fat that it stretches out your skin to such an extent that it causes the fattest parts of you to look white

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Imagine being black

I'm going to have to stop you there. No thanks.

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🎶Oh, if I could be a nigger, for a day.

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I've seen whites so fat parts of them look black but that's probably not stretch marks. It's actually dead tissue from a lack of circulation and often accompanied by mold.

I would cut everyone who is super fat off of any kind of assistance

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It's called Acanthosis Nigricans. It's a sign of insulin resistance. Common in diabetics, women suffering from PCOS, and some cancers.

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I think that is a "native"

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Hairstyle does seem to indicate such.

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Civilization AND Tipping.


Multiple brave science papers were published proving blacks barely tip at all, even to black waitresses.

Cornell University : Study shows blacks tip less


Black-White Differences in Tipping of Various Service Providers, Cornell University :


Washington Post : What's behind racial differences in restaurant tipping?


BLACKs do not tip as much as Whites

Currently BLACK BAPTISTS (whom try to tithe 10% of their income to churches, but actually 2.35% avg.) are the highest non-compliant tippers in USA , and never tip whites, nor black servers. The leeches NEVER tip.

Among non-religious, american born, american raised non tippers, they almost ALWAYS are BLACK non-tippers. in huge science paper studies. A few brave students at Ivy Leagues studied non-tippers in sociology tests and shockingly found niggers rarely properly tip, even to nigger servers, but especially refuse to tip white servers.

One recent semi-scientific survey of roughly 1,000 restaurant servers from across the nation found that 34 percent thought black diners were “very bad” tippers. An additional 36 percent thought black patrons were “below average” tippers. In contrast, 98 percent of those surveyed believed white customers were “average” or “above average” tippers. : http://www.tippingresearch.com/other_tipping_links.html

https://static.sec<<REMOVE THIS>>ure.website/wscfus/5261551/uploads/Waiter_Survey_Initial_Report__1_.pdf

Its not just nontipping that is a problem : A Black late night Waffle House customer, steals, complains, chases off regular customers, begs for free gibs, loiters, and is all-around unpleasant.

Popular media LIES and gives false excuses for blacks avoiding tipping :

What’s behind racial differences in restaurant tipping?:


TL/DR: NIGGERS never tip, and neither do the hyper-religious Christians (whom tithe their churches)

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Empathy. Thought abstraction. Caring about things outside of their own time and place. Thought abstraction....


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I like how they are using technology that white people invented to try and bash what white people are capable of.

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Not becoming Jabba the Hutt

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Plenty of white Jabbas. I know you’ve been to a wal mart.

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Black Obesity Rate: 48.4%

Black Extreme Obesity Rate: 12.4%

White Obesity Rate: 36.4%

White Extreme Obesity Rate: 7.6%

I live in the Midwest, whites around here are pretty chunky, the niggers are fucking obeasts

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I wonder if she has to shave all four armpits?

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She looks healthy

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