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You look at each other and make the "it's all so tiresome" face.

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For sure.

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Isn't that what the Chinese roadbuilding guy in Africa says in that documentary?

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Empire of Dust

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It's just a slight relaxation of facial muscles, but it's highly noticeable

[–] fuckyourownface ago  (edited ago)

Maybe a subtle head shake. They usually don't have to see my face to know how I feel.

[–] AngelofDeath ago 

Instead of "it's all so tiresome", how do we change that thought to "time to purge the Earth of the vermin"???

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That's the thing I don't get, everyone who has ever walked in a city has seen nigger foolishness.

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They don't want us to stereotype them but they behave in such a way that it confirms the stereotypes.

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I live in the south suburbs of Chicago. Every time I drive to the city I go through at least 15 miles of what we call “The African 500” which is I-94 on the south side of Chicago. The niggers on the south side are pure animals—they’re either driving 95 and swerving, about to cut people off from their crack habits, or driving 45 in the far left lane. Subhumans at best.

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Everyone who's turned on a television once in their lives or we've in public has seen nigger nonsense

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I did this the other day when I was walking with a couple friends. One of my friends was a quiet white girl from a major city that I had recently learned disliked all things left. Someone brought up the topic of BLM while we were passing a group of niggers and she turned around to see how far away they were before expressing her disgust with all the riots and nigger shit that has been happening. I just smiled and said, "I like that you looked back first!" She laughed and we both used white telepathy to agree that niggers suck.

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That girl knows you never relax.

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I think so! It made me proud to realize I picked good people to associate with.

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This is the most efficient way of detecting other race realists out in the general public.

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yeah yku do the raised eyebrow wide eyed hide you lips face and they dont do it back you know not to save em if the niggers turn on em... theyre niggerlovers. If they make the face they have a soul and know niggers nig and they are worth saving if the niggers turn on them. always be checking to make sure you dont waste your energy saving niggerlovers from niggers niggerlovers deserve everyrhing the niggers do to em.

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Are you drunk?

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I watched a nigger truck driver pull into the center turn lane of a 4 lane road and park only to walk across the street from his parked nig rig so he could git himself sum chikken boyee!.

That's no shit. The stupid motherfucker was driving down a busy road, saw a chicken place and parked IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FUCKING ROAD. And then casually walked to the lip smackin' gud! place to gits sum fooood.

Fucking niggers man.

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As part of my job I talk to a lot of people in suburban neighborhoods and I encounter many racists hiding their power levels. Primarily older white men.

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LMAO I love it. Racists hiding their power levels. Mine just went over 9000!!!

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Really though, we all need to stop hiding it.

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Love it when that happens. It gives me warm fuzzies.

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I was at the gas station one time. I walked in and these two nigger cunts were screaming at each other. This guy comes from the back and shoved them both outside and closed the door. It was hilarious. He had a look on his face he was so done.

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Wouldn't it be better if we never experienced it again? They have to go back.

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That's exactly why they create "safe spaces" for themselves.

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Which are always the most unsafe places in cities lol

[–] Maroonsaint ago 

I never understood how somebody could be so sensitive.

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