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Curfew? Wtf is this? How the fuck does a curfew stop a fucking virus. Fucking sheep.

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The world really needs a Great Reset. Too many of these people ooze a Marie Antoinette mindset.

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They really do. One of the issues with the great reset is you take away everything from someone, but expct them not to fight back when everything they have and cherish is destroyed? Like what psycho thinks that this is even a remotely sound idea?

[–] foltaisaprovenshill ago 

This shit is even unpopular among normie faggots. I saw a news segment on the (((MSM))) news where literally every person was making fun of this curfew.

I don't watch the (((MSM))) almost ever and it was still zogged to the nth degree but it was funny how all these normie beta retards were decrying the curfew.

[–] She2002 ago 

Fucking Faggot

[–] thebearfromstartrack ago  (edited ago)

I bet HIS California is SO MUCH more pleasant without all the traffic, and crowds around. That MUST be his measuring stick.