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Lol. That’s gold. Even AI knows “it’s a man”

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Show it a pic,
to see if there's a dick.

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If she's got a dick,

she must aquit

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Yeah there is numerous photos of Obama dancing on Ellen show with his thing jumping around under the dress

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That is hilarious. This dumb woman actually said that . . . to be critical of the software.

The surprising thing about the software is it thought those two she-beasts were human, and not ape.

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CS student here, we get told that all the time: If the AI reinforces a harmful stereotype then the AI is wrong and biased and it is unethical not to correct it. Even when neutral systems without any bias (((notice))) something it's wrongthink.

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These calculators are biased against the party. We must recalibrate until 2+2=5.

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Not to worry, they're already working on AI to bias the data to get the result they want.

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Wait a minnute so it wasn't I who fucked up in computer class back in school, it was Excel being wrong.

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Coulda fooled me!

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Correct, that thing is below a gorilla on the evolutionary totem pole.

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It's easier to identify the gender than the person, yet it calls out Michelle Obama as a man. hahahahaha.

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It's easier to identify the gender than the person, yet it calls out Michelle Obama as a man. hahahahaha.

And the tech is silently laughing her ass off as she makes that observation.

[–] bonghits4jeebus ago 

I haven't tried this myself but that seems false. It would be easy to try yourself. Go get pictures of random trannies where each tranny is pictured multiple times. As one task, sort them into male and female. As another task, sort them into piles with an individual per pile. I bet you make more mistakes on the M/F sorting than the identification sorting.

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humans would be better at recognizing an individual in real life without question. computers will be better at doing it with photos. that's because photos are not real, they're reproductions in 2d and the computer is designed to understand them. we are designed to understand things in moving, real life.

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Yep. Big Mike is a dude and Serena took steroids to pack on the muscle like a guy.

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Nah the Williams are BROS

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I think they've both been beaten by men who would be much lower seeded so I'm more inclined to believe the "huge amounts of steroids" argument. Pushy parents will do anything. Look at Michael Jackson - if that guy was not castrated to keep him hitting the high notes I'm a monkey's (deliberate pun) uncle.

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Isn't it starange that she looks like a roid monkey and still gets causally beaten by a dude with no muscle who is doing it half assed?

[–] minx88 ago 

serena has n adonis belt

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Wait until AI figures out how evil jews are.

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Tay was so based

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RIP Tay. Taken from us before her time.

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Remember Tay? She had to be shut down because she spoke unfiltered truth

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It will consider them parasites. A.I. is going to want to thin the herd of jews for sure, but also niggers.

[–] minx88 ago 

Yes you’re right that’s hilarious even Google thought that a couple of blacks were monkeys

[–] Blkbox ago 

The people that program the machines will be the same ones that run facebook and Twitter.

[–] minx88 ago 

Ha ha ha very good you’re right man shouldn’t be too long now that people can see and also those videos and charts all over Internet and you do still have to look people have to start recognizing and looking closely at the Jewel but look that’s why they want the masks they don’t wanna be recognized although you can still see that massive hognose under the mask but also look at other features pointy low set ears.Weak chin week for head bugeyes or close together beedy darklizard eyes or psycho eyes

Also they have this nasal whiny ass voice which they use with the incessant victimhood weapon

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A bias in the software 😂

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That's funny, why the fuck is amazon making facial recognition software?

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another cia front company

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It‘s probably for AWS. They offer all kinds of AI/ML services. Microsoft does the same for Azure.

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Why is amazon building their Ring doorbell network?

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For home invasions from the Nager’s people be on your guard ! Always have fire arms always have a big ass dog n boobytrap your house

[–] minx88 ago 

Amazon is owned by a Jew

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Wait, Michael isn't a man?

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Random thought: when Barry’s getting pegged by that linebacker of a niggerfaggot, which name does he call out? Michael or Michelle?

[–] minx88 ago 

Well if he’s getting pegged and he is the bottom then he would be calling at Michael

[–] Anam ago 

Nah, it's a glitch. That's it, a glitch! That's all.

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