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Exploiting your child (let alone for internet points) is fucking disgusting. I can't believe adults are so fucking stupid as to think a kid is behind shit like this or Sophie or Greta

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I think sophie is pretty based. Her parents got doxxed and turns out they are hard core liberals and she's just a based zoomer.

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No, she is a little fucking kid (and a girl at that). Voat needs to get over looking to women for leadership; it is a dead end

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Topkek if true.

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OP posted MiniAOC, MIniAOC is unrelated girl to the famous , and high IQ Sophie

https://bitchute.com/soph/ (Soph -only a couple free videos)

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Raising your child conservative and behind the ideals is how you protect them from the liberal colleges.

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You don't protect your kid by allowing them on twitter, that's for sure. Protecting them from liberal colleges is EASY- don't allow them to go however most people smart enough to do that have conservative values

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OP posted MiniAOC, MIniAOC is unrelated girl to the famous , and high IQ Sophie

Sophie did interviews on Alex Jones proving her knowledge and amazing IQ.

Sophie is real, OP posted MiniAOC, a funny clever child actress.

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Some smart mouth young teen girl who lit up youtube and here by being "based" and making youtube videos that she clearly wasn't writing. You know voat- get a woman to say something good about Hitler and they are proffering marriage

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I'm glad you said that. Between being a little girl and being a mock of AOC, you just know that there is some freak beating off to her.

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I doubt she's writing these.

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Soph writes her stuff, MiniAOC is just a actress.

you are correct.

https://bitchute.com/soph/ (Soph -only a couple free videos)

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Damn there sure are alot of pussy hurt popsicle licking libs that have invaded this site just look at some of the shit these faggits have posted here. Get over yourselves pussies the shit is funny if you don't like it maybe you need to go easy on the buttplugs cause your assholes are clinching up to hard you common core fags !

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Pimping out your kid for youtube gibs is just wrong. This kid is going to rebel so hard against her parents when she hits her teen years it's going to be scary.

I predict blurple hair, face tattoos and many many piercings.

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and also...

"Fuck You Dad! I'll do what I want! You can't tell me who to date, Dad!"

But maybe not, if her very republican dad raises her right,

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Fortunately, Biden is not the president. No one will take the presidency away from him since he won't be elected.

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Good one.

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made me laugh

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