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Don't be pissed at your son, you failed as a father.

[–] RakerKey 8 points 64 points (+72|-8) ago 

people are not always 100% in control of every aspect of Life . That son probably had tons of degenerate influences from other outside corrupt sources like college , social media maybe even the mother igf Father been booted from family etc -, its all over everywhere now. Nobody is perfect , expect even you have ' failed ' at times too if truth be told

[–] Ezekiel_Balderdash 1 point 86 points (+87|-1) ago 

He failed again when he let his son get in his car looking like a total faggot.

[–] Hammytime 0 points 53 points (+53|-0) ago 

I agree with you that you can't control every aspect of your child's life. But as a father of three boys myself, it's not my job to be a controlling dick head, it's my job to guide these boys to become men. It starts by just spending time with them taking them to the park and playing silly games with them and building a relationship. If you build a positive relationship with your child they'll be interested in the manly shit you do. My boys want to deer hunt with me and love to help me build stuff in the garage and work on the cars despite them being really young.

I doubt this father in the video has done any of that.

[–] prairie 1 point 17 points (+18|-1) ago 

Why did he send him to a shitty college? Why did he marry a shitty woman?

Maybe so, but father should still question himself seriously.

[–] Nevulox 0 points 12 points (+12|-0) ago 

As a father it is your job to guide the influences of your children.

[–] fusir 0 points 15 points (+15|-0) ago  (edited ago)

Then you lock up your kid and homeschool. If this is college influences.. same thing. You should be willing to bare any cost to avoid your offspring becoming one of these demon post-human things, and be willing to impose any cost on them to do so.

Chances are that kid isn't supporting himself so you do still have some control. I'm 100% against parents doing that to their adult children in general, but in this case I think those cards have to be played.

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Agreed. Your kids should be the main focus of your life.

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No shit. If you let it get to that point where he's wearing makeup you bought him and watching gay shit on a phone that you bought with a service you pay for on an ongoing basis, you deserve the faggot son you raised.

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I think this kid was molested, noe one gets that fucked up without some drunk uncle that was fanny jacking him

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Especially having to record his son on video to share with the world. Maybe use that time to actually talk to each other? Could have been an opportunity to talk with your son who has obviously already become distanced from sanity.

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Maybe the dad already tried, many times, now it's about public humiliation

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I love how he actually sounded like a man when he was pissed. It just shows that its all an act for attention.

[–] fusir 0 points 23 points (+23|-0) ago 

The part of the gay brain that is more female than the fact that they like men is that they need attention. In that respect they are super women. I've met many women who like to be the center of attention. I've never met a gay that didn't need to be the center of attention constantly.

They have all the vices of women (being attention whores), and all the vices of men (being horny as fuck), but on 100x amplification.

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Faggotry is a mental illness. There are no rational explanations for it.

[–] recon_johnny 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago 

I've never met a gay that didn't need to be the center of attention constantly.

Holy shit, this is absolutely correct. Also don't forget the overwhelming need to fuck anything anytime anyplace anyhow. Bonus points if the other object isn't 100% a faggot, they love to try and change you.

Source: Faggot hairdresser of my wife came onto me in front of my wife while I went with her to have her hair done...takes hours, so I just wanted to hang with her. I brushed the faggot off, and then on the way home, calmly said "You've gone there for the last time. I don't care if your family (3 sisters, mom, nieces) goes there. Find someone else".

And she did. Local girl, a bit more money, but they talk about girly stuff like weddings and children.

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Basically they just have dad issues

[–] Deshy ago 

Hah, yeah exercises his disgust as a man but prances around like a girl... smh

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I don't feel bad for the dad, he let it go for FAR too long...

[–] J_Dahl 1 point 12 points (+13|-1) ago 

I get the feeling mom has full custody of the kid and this is his allotted weekend of the month...

[–] Nevulox 1 point 10 points (+11|-1) ago 

Why bother at that point? Just call him a faggot and stop buying him ghey shit.

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Still dad's fault...that is what being a father mean...penultimate responsibility.

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When you’re driving someone to the prepared hole in the ground, not tormenting them is the polite thing to do.

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An aristocrat i see. Carry on sir.

[–] KebabAndNoseRemoval ago 

80 miles out 6 feet under.

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Not the first time seeing this. I still laughed like a kid in a candy store. Can you imagine what a disappointment that father must feel. It's no wonder that, sometimes in the wild. Lions would eat their cubs

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They eat the cubs from other males. They will not be cucked. The weak, however, wil not survive.

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The dad must be looking over, thinking, "You eat cum."

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Wye aer yu gae?

[–] fourdeesixntwo ago 

That or "I should swerve into the next light pole"

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If I could start all over, I'd become an Amish.

[–] WD_Pelley 1 point 2 points (+3|-1) ago 

If the Amish weren't so pacifist I'd agree. Maybe I'd try Boers or the Sami, or some smaller European ethnic group with a stable identity.

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Their pacifism is mocked and misunderstood. Fuck around their neighbourhoods and they aren't afraid to protect themselves. "Pacifism" means they don't fight in (((wars)))

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That fag pretty much represents modern day america.


America simply needs to die.


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