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When you see the video with the context, there isn't anything funny about this.

A white conservative dude was being accosted by a mob of BLM/antifa/commies, the now toothless man got in between him and the mob and tried to remove the conservative dude from the situation. For that, the commies knocked this guy's teeth out.

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This man was sucker punched while attempting to help a white conservative get behind police lines to safety. This man took the damage to prevent a white conservative from taking it. I don't think this is funny.

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And yet, what happened to the people who punched him? Nothing. No one did anything to respond to the violence. So now the left knows they can get away with it.

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Would you hide behind a nigger because he's a nigger? If yes KYS

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What, no vid?

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I think this is one of the good ole' boi's tho. He knows his place in the hut. He a house nigger

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You should probably suicide.