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I am recently single myself. This girl and I went on a date, things were going well until I saw the TV on CNN and her trump toilet paper.

Another date this one was trying to tell me elections are never compromised because the election commission has no interest in swinging the election either way.

I haven't spoken to either of them since.

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Best not to let them know what you think and exit quietly with a somewhat believable excuse they'll want to believe. I'd tell you to take advantage of them for sex and to hang out with but for me personally, it all seems like a waste of time if I'm not building on anything or there isn't the potential for more there. Also, a lot of them, especially professional ladies with degrees, they often have hygiene issues that are inevitable due to the mental issues. A poor working class lady that takes some pride in her appearance is a lot more likely to be better kept downstairs than these nurses and teachers. That whole liberal ideology is a religion that becomes a sickness. That affects these ladies physically more and more the older they get. Often liberal ladies, even the attractive ones have bodies like their cars. It's clean and looks nice on the outside but on the inside there are McDonald's bags, soda cups and gum laying around everywhere and it smells like a hot trash bin when you first open the door.

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I Second this confirmation.

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Women shouldn't be involved or have a say in politics.

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should have left a note informing her that one of Trump's companies produces the paper

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I would have just upper decked the whore.

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That really sucks. But if things were going well, do you suppose you could red pill her?

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I doubt you can redpill someone so far gone that she has Trump toilet paper.

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Follow rules 1 and 2 and these basic bitch opinions are easily over-written.

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I'm a happily married woman, but what are these rules you're talking about?

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1) be attractive

2) dont be unattractive

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Women's "opinions" like this are usually just the sum of what her six closest female associates think. Even one man can override that entire group if he's dicking her down properly.

The most important thing in evaluating a woman's fitness for being a partner in life is to meet the other women she is close with. Women are usually very poor at deciding things for themselves (as men do) and end up just averaging the opinion of the women around them until a man strong enough to lead her on his own shows up.

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And even if you don't block, and go on a 1st date, you just may hear about how her brother raped her, how her dad knew aboutit, and how she barelyever leaves her apartment with 3 cats. This was the firat date! I wish i was joking.

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The ones stupid enough to put their crazy up front on the first date though do you a massive favor.

You are considerably more fucked if you find out she is insane after you put a kid in her.

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Hell they go insane after the kid 9/10 times.

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Are you drunk dude?

[–] VoatsNewfag ago 

Sounds like she confused you for a psychotherapist.

[–] Warnos44 [S] ago 

Yikes. Guess you learned a lesson? How awkward.

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There are no intelligent women. None. I’ve never met one in my entire life.

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Me neither, they are always the fuckee, not the fucker. Women get their opinions and beliefs from others, that's why pimps happen. They are trained by him to never listen or believe anyone but him, he is her everything. That's just the way women are made. The bible dealt with this in two ways. When you get married, she is removed from her family influence for one year and it's your job to bond with her. Deuteronomy 24:5. Never let a woman speak in church, if she has questions she can ask her husband at home. Her husband is her authority. 1 Corinthians 14:35. Modernism has women listening to whores, divorcees, abortionists, and faggots. Not good at all.

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As a man who grew up in Europe I can tell you that your statement needs an asterisk. In my 3 years here I've never met an intelligent or interesting American woman. I've met tons of intelligent and interesting women in Europe, especially Eastern Europe.

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The difference is European women will listen. They'll consider what you say and hear others points of views. American women will not. Immediately their cortisone levels rise and they start kvetching.

Also, I noticed how different the culture is when I was there in my mid 30s a few years ago. If I was in an area where I didn't have on a 2k suit or in a club where I was too old, the people there weren't generally belligerent. You just simply didn't exist. There wasn't malice or as much snarkiness to it. They just paid you no mind. American women and to a lesser extent British women are always believing they are a 'hot mess' so they're always needing attention. They're always looking to see if other people are looking at them. Even if they don't like you, they'll glance in your direction just to see if you're looking or to see if you will look so they can look away and 'diss' you. They enjoy making others feel bad, even if it's an older guy who is a janitor and if they do like you then they expect you to give chase when they do this. If you don't then they get visibly upset. Their egos are extremely fragile and worn on their sleeves. I call it the Queen of England mentality. They want everyone to look all the time, even if it's just so they can kick mud in your face. A lot of American women are obviously unclean and riddled with STDs, obesity and addiction issues. They'll do anything for attention and money, even hang 200lbs of fat out of a soiled pair of panties while walking around at Wal Mart. No matter how big or small, how ugly or attractive, how poor or rich, they all think they're a Kardashian and they all act like shallow celebrities. Social media and their imagined status on it is their life. When you see them acting dumb and belligerent and you look at one that is poor and fat walking around like a pregnant rooster in heat and you think 'what a conceited pile of immoral shit with no emotional or intellectual depth' you're 100% on the money.

I canmot even begin to yell you how refreshing it was talking to white European females over a drink that wouldn't just openly assume you wanted a quick fuck and their first question wasn't 'what do you do?' Or 'what kind of car do you drive?' They also seemed surprised I would listen and I wasn't super loud as well. Of course, I'm not saying they weren't superficial like everyone is but some manners and conversation abilities go a long ways.

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There's quite a few, but they're just as susceptible to bootlicking and peer pressure as the dumbest ones. Women can't be trusted to understand the larger world. 99% of women, 80% of men fall into this category.

[–] Empire_of_the_mind ago 

This is not true. What it really suggests is that you yourself are not that intelligent. I've met dozens of very intelligent women in my life. They're by no means the majority and the average is clearly below the average of males but they're not that uncommon.

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Trump derangement syndrom and covid1984 basicaly caused a girl i was going to have white kids with to bail. she literaly has gone border line crazy because of all this shit.

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Don't know whether to say condolences or congratulations.

I guess it sucks either way.

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From: doglegwarrior

Warnos44 may not know, but I do. You lucked out namefag. What you had was a temporary warm and wet place to stick your [obsession of maroonsaint] into. That flesh felt titillating, and soon later, familiar. But despite your optimism, she wasn't wife material. I think it's safe to assume that she didn't care what race her children would be. That is, assuming her TDS did not involve her denouncing "Zognald" (and you angering her by pronouncing platitudes such as "jim crow democrats" or "patriots have no skin color"). You saved yourself from a future of posting a divorce rape / child support horror story on MGTOW forums/videos a few years down the road.

Trump derangement syndrom and covid1984 basicaly caused a girl

I know what it's like to have loved someone who was more trouble than she's worth. (Luckily neither kids nor marriage with her). I'm not here to advise you on how to find someone better. Nor am I here to give a [Tallest_Skil-esque go-back-to-your-containment-board lecture]. I'm here to tell you that orange man and COVID didn't snatch away some [meant-to-be-happily-ever-after-princess] from you. You avoided creating R-selected children. You avoided creating (1) a dead-end future for yourself, and (2) white children who have a degenerate and dim future. You took on some emotional baggage from this escapade, but at least you didn't ruin your life or your children's by it.

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Be glad. Ten years from now she'd be cheating on you, and forcing you to bankruptcy and beyond, to fund her whorish lifestyle with the fuckwit she cheated on you for.

A batshit crazy woman is not someone you want to have a family with.

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If you're coming up with bad women then you've got bad programs running at the subconscious level that are fucking you up. If you don't change those bad programs then you'll continue to attract shitty people/stuff into your life.

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I've got me one that pretty easily spouts off talking points from the right as much as she does the left.

Thankfully Twitter chased her off their platform right into my arms and she doesn't give a shit about trying to prove how smart she is to no one but herself. She left IT and wrangling with social justice nonsense to go full-time into health care, effectively creating her own Galt's Gulch.

I don't have to fight with her friends because she never has any around. The only person it seems I'm competing for her attention is her own mother.

I don't think we've ever fought on anything in the area of politics or social issues. We both talk long enough and we have a dance between our positions that makes it work.

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Women do not think for themselves. Stop paying any attention to their politics. When they love and respect you, they will "believe" whatever you tell them. Of course it's not an actual belief and just a behavioural NPC script, but she'll vote the right way, won't annoy you with bullshit, and won't waste her time or money on dumb sjw shit. And that's the best you can hope for from a woman in current year.

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There are women who are more than that. Just as there are men who are. Difficult to find, yes.

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