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Such a brilliant political analysis and religious insight. How could anyone not be convinced by her?

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That's all she could say was BUHHH UUURRRR DA WACIST!! ? fuck sake I hate everyone

[–] AlfonsHilter ago 

"There is no goddamn God"

no logical flaws there

[–] Tennis123 ago 

For future reference, If i were in that restaurant I would of gotten up and poured by drink on top of that hamhawk. Would that be considered assault? Or tots legal

[–] AltUserMe ago  (edited ago)

It's amazing it could take someone four years to figure some of this stuff out, she's apparently passionate about the topic. Yet remains completely wrong anyway.

Seems impossible and yet there it is.

[–] zquad ago 

Liberal? Or some woman on her period?

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Just a liberal Karen