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"I saw nothing" - Me and Sgt Schultz

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No comments allowed. Lol.

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I didn’t see anything

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I think I missed the attack

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Yeah, “attacked.” Notice only likes are active, no downvote or comments allowed.

This is how weak and out of touch they are. BLM terrorists kill people and burn cities.... but oh look, they tore our signs and yelled at us 🥺.

I wholly believe in the first amendment and if people aren’t blocking the road or threatening anyone more power to you. We aren’t able to get back to that point because communist politicians won’t enforce the law and lock up domestic terrorists. Until such time that occurs, these “peaceful” protesters get what they get.

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"attacked"= sign ripped up

"din du nuffin"= shot 3 people"

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Nothing happened , I was expecting real attack

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