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Dwarves took over the Elvish media:

"Orc Lives Matter"

"Buzzfeed - 10 reasons why every Elvish girl should date Orc men"

"Huff Post - Science shows Orcs are better lovers"

"Vice - Elves have no culture, Why Orc immigration is good for middle earth"

"Breitbart - King pledges 500billion pieces of Elvish gold to help oppressed Orcs"

"NBC - Elvish Supremacy is the biggest problem facing middle earth"

"ABC - Orc looting is reparations."

etc., etc..

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It won't. The goblins have successfully neutered her. The king returned to late. Gondor has already fallen, most people just don't realize it yet.

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We live in a collapsing society. Think of Rome. Thousands of years. It’s the future now though. We’re all connected. The entire west will fall. We will live in a dystopia

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need to spread more muham cartoons around

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When us grown kids stop pretending its LOTR. good meme btw

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how bout we dont insult OUR WHITE VILLAIN Sauron by comparing him to Alalalalalalallah