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Long live the Bee! I hope its fate isn't the same as The Onion.

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There seems to be a chasm the size of the grand canyon between the Babylon Bee and any shot at a (((ticket))).

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Noticed they didn't refer to faceburg as a human

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It really isn't satire

"Facebook SWAT teams showed up at The Babylon Bee's offices and took our editors into custody for reeducation."

This is the wet dream of every walking body in silicon valley

[–] ciaozuzu ago 

I see what you did there Mr Bee.

[–] cantaloupe6 ago 

Last line, kek

[–] Gorillion ago 

Poe's Law.

[–] Glasswall ago 

I was really hoping they'd throw a satirical reference to the biden laptop in there to bait a real ban from Facebook.

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