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All their software is now programed and developed by pajeets.

Software used to be great when it was all older White males.

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Software used to be great when it was all older White males.

...and not sold by microsoft

[–] SpaghettiJones ago 

Give credit to the Jews

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Don't use Windows. Or OSX.

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I never expected to agree with someone who chose the name "TurdLord," but stranger things have happened.

Install Linux. Problem solved.

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Linux is compromised infected by mentally ill and retarded trannyjews.

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I mean I know fuckall about computers but I'm pretty sure everything made in the last 10 years is backdoored at a hardware level

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Linux is sjw ground zero in the tech industry just fyi.

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TurdLord is BEST lord.

No, wait. Maybe second best...

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Edge is the best browser for windows 10, used to download another browser.

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...which in turn is used to download a real OS to replace that bullshit with!

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Am I the only one with a Linux live usb on my keychain?

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that one is old, from ie days.

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But..... it's just Chrome with different branding.

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And less (((Google)))

[–] wanderingblade ago 

I trust Microsoft even less. Shill Gates and her tranny "wife" get giddy talking about exterminating 90% of humans

[–] BlueDrache ago 

Yes!!! Replace (((Google))) with (((Microsoft))).

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I fucking hate Edge, you can't just open it and start using it the first time. There's all this "preparation" it has to do and a bunch of fucking questions. Fine once on your own workstation but I work in IT and I'm constantly using new computers. So that gets old real fast. No way to cancel the getting started shit you have to kill the whole process. It does work better at reading PDFs than Acrobat reader though so it's got that going for it.

[–] areyoumygaffer ago 

I've setup hundreds of windows 10 machines and never experienced that. the constant resetting PDFs is annoying. group policy ftw.

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Used to be good. Now it's shitware with an auto-start updater and you can't right click on the taskbar button (they specifically programmed that, it's not a windows thing).

Fuck foxit.

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install brave. never look back.

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install Brave Waterfox. Palemoon never look back.


[–] SigniferLux ago 

[–] englishwebster ago 

tried waterfox for months - its actually very very slow

[–] Neongreen ago 

Got a mobile copy of that?

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[–] favoritecoloriswhite 2 points 2 points (+4|-2) ago 

Still better than faggotfox.

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Objectively, no. But don’t use Firefox.

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What do you suggest to use? I'm contemplating switching to surf for that sweet minimalism, but a browser without an adblocker doesn't really cut it when going out to discover new websites.

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What's "windows 10"?

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