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Looks like he is being raised by a coal burning mother and her boyfriends

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My initial hatred for jews was born from my mother marrying an effeminate kike that beat her and faked heart attacks so he could get morphine at the hospital. I remember the paramedics telling him to just get up off the floor and quit acting, on multiple occasions. His kike mother moved in with us and took my younger brother's bedroom so that he and I had to share. She would just sit and watch while her son would knock my mother out. He would beat my younger brother, who was ~11 at the time, too.

Everything any jew has ever done after that has simply reaffirmed my hatred. They've long since divorced and I'm across the country, in my mid-twenties, now. About a year ago, after I divorced the evil cunt that stole my youth, I thought about having a chat with the guy.

My brother is a disaffected drug addict and my mom is pretty detached. That piece of shit fucked them up and delivered to me a lifelong redpill. I still feel like I owe them.

(Sorry to ramble. I just never said much about this to anyone.)

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You shoud probably edit out the part about your intent and plans towards him.

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Sorry bro that must've sucked. A lot of women make poor choices in the hope of being secure and the kids pay the price. You're not alone but good luck going forward. We all have an evil cunt in our past 😂 Fortunately mine's 20 years in the rear view!

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In fairness, even Jim Goad was once a wigger.

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I've met a lot of former wiggers who are now on the verge of going full-on 1488.

the past 7 months have helped to speed things along quite a bit.

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Odds are higher that he's already a burnt out meth addict.

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Nice to see you as a kid OP...

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In middle school, a buddy posted on facebook about hanging Obama or some similar shit like that.

Few days later, FBI knocks on the door and detains & questions the kid for 12 hours.

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wow. just shows you what the fbi prioritizes

[–] JastheMace ago 

I'm sure they have been visiting all the people who have threatened Trump too.

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Looks like a mutt

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Fucking white nigger is what he is. His parents are failing.

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I know no 11 year olds that throw up gang signs,shirtless photos in the bathroom...wait is this a young Hunter Biden?

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Strong odds

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