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Can you imagine the smell if we didn't blow their farts away???

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Yes exactly they installed the fans after all those research papers came out saying that fartrogen dioxide is a greenhouse gas that they must blow away to prevent 6 million needless bovine fatalities.

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i'll have you know that CowFans is a legitimate website in which we convert incel cow hating men into a revenue stream for talentless cows

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"Hot unbranded cows in your area want to show you their udders"

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Fun fact about wind farms.. They use tons of oil every week to lube the turbine and is super expensive. Also the blades get dumped in the ground, are super huge and are not recyclable into anything.

Also, transporting these takes tons of diesel.




[–] christophoros ago 

Also they must not stop turning or the bearing will seize, so when no wind they are powered by electricity to keep them moving. Cannot make it up!

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They like to watch them mooove.

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There's a seemingly endless-line of these in eastern/southeastern Kansas. I've only seen them from the highway but they reach the horizon in 2 directions. they're fucking massive! 400 ft tall or more.

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I take it your not a fan of the cows

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Cow fart dispersal machines.

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With that weather, it doesn't look like they'll ever need a fan. Ban them all!