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Only White People are accused of hate speech. 100% of the time. It's a term invented to demoralize us.

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All of it is anti-white laws. Plain and simple. Blacks have literally beaten and tortured a mentally disabled white while talking shit about whites and livestreaming the whole thing on Spacebook. If I call a black woman a nigger for acting like a nigger and smack her when she comes at me swinging, I'd be federally charged with a hate crime and given more prison time than all those blacks put together.

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Same with

(((ban evasion)))

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They also use it to keep the lie going that hating your enemies is somehow unnatural.

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I hate jews. Nothing unnatural about that.

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Because they literally want our kind permanently enslaved, if not DEAD.

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Yes, this is insidious. What is hate? Hate is when we feel intense opposition to something, to the extent that it causes an emotional reaction. As long as the thing we are opposing is worthy of opposition, in what sense is the hate wrong or bad?

I hate cancer. I’ve lost people to it. I hate the cycle of street drug addiction. I’ve lost people to that too. These things provoke an emotional reaction in me. I want something done about them. I’m willing to contribute money, time, effort into that cause.

What if you analyze the political situation, the behaviour of the powerful and of our leaders, and you find that it has negative impacts on you and your group? Do you not implicitly oppose it on its nature? If that provokes an emotional response in you, as you contemplate the serious nature of your plight, does it not exemplify hatred?

Of course it does. The Black Panther hates his supposed white oppressors. That’s the whole point - form organization around shared sentiment, be stronger together. How could it be any other way? Love is wonderful but you cannot bind a community together with love for the purpose of destruction - and what is the point of a political entity if not the attempted destruction of anything that opposes its goals? Even if that is nonviolent, it still needs to be done with intense opposition, something felt in the soul. You must revile that which you are trying to revoke.

They have managed to make “hate” into a term that means “high propensity toward violence”; they have managed to change the meaning of words in order to use them against you. Your vocal opposition is violence, and can be met with other commensurate kinds of violence, for example arson.

This redefinition hurts us more than any words would have, but of course, there is another out here. Simply make sure that “hate” is something that can only be applied against oppressed groups by groups with “power”. Actual power not required, only social recognition of supposed power. Then, hate speech, hate crimes, etc. are in turn filtered so that they only flow outward from white people into minorities.

I cannot wait for the flip of logic when white people are the minority. It will be masterfully executed. It will be telegraphed in advance; watch for that over the next five years....

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After the communists are killed, the hate speech laws will be all gone. But not until then.

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they told us that hate and love were the same things in the movie "do the right thing" they also told us that burning down a restaurant in a neighborhood that you engrossed that wont cater to your demands is "the right thing"

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Or that it's a crime to hate someone and express that. Pure projection on their part.

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All words invented in order to silence criticism.

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the best part is the people that dont know the definition of the word "phobia"

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That pisses me off. "You're homophobic!"

No I'm not fucking scared of faggots, thank you very much.

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"Hate speech" is nothing more than speech that kikes hate.

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Kikes do hate speech against whites all the time!

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Not only can they silence you they can follow it up with shaming to make sure no one else defends you

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Another made up term brought to you by Gods chosen ass clowns.

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Hate speech does not exist. Only speech.

Only jews characterize speech as hate. And hate speech is all speech they don't like.

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