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The William Barr of hunting dogs.

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Very nice

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It’s a Judas pheasant. Nothing wrong here. Pointers work smart

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Nope thats a Western Capercaillie and they have balls of steal. They will run up to humans and attack without a care in the world.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDUH10J-yag go to 1:50 minute mark to see the guy get slapped hard by it

[–] Kyrie ago 

i'm gonna call that a russian pigeon! everything in their country loves slapping.. just youtube: "Vasili Kamotski slaps a watermelon"

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Hunter for sale. He's not Biden' his time well.

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Lol reminded me of the time when a friend of mine got his house broken into and robbed, all while his dog slept lol

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Awww.. poor friendly dogo. It's a breeding thing. Not all dogs make it as hunting dogs. It's not his fault. He was "born that way!" 😂 Some pet quality. A good breeder won't do this to you.

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He's a pointer not a retriever.

[–] Wahaha ago 

What is he supposed to point at?

[–] Shotinthedark ago 

They aren't used to hunt ducks

[–] boekanier [S] 2 points 0 points (+2|-2) ago 

A dumb pointer

[–] skullfuku ago 


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"Whatcha huntin' for, Bud?"

"A scwewy wabbit!"

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Not his fault. Bird snuck up on him.

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