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Another masterpiece.

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*** I made some changes to the video and I renamed it to 'Deus Vult'. ***


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I made this why did you steal my material. Everyone downvoat this post HES a thief. A THIEF I TELL YOU. I’m gonna find you and I’m gonna kill your family: tell your family. There’s a crazed lunatic coming for us tonight. He’s into torture. I’m gonna cut the skin off of one family member and sow it onto another. Then I’m gonna call them ugly. Then I’m gonna punt your stupid little dog right through the stupid little window you know the one you had to replace last fall when a tree branch fell through it?

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Paradox games are such fucking scams. They sell a barely playable product at launch and then sell a $20 expansion every year for half a decade that includes features that should have been included from launch.

Everything about them is so low effort, from the immersion to the story to the graphics. The fact that it's a unique genre and niche is the only reason they're able to sell any copies at all.

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And they are europhobes.

Every nation.in their games can achieve civilization.

I miss eu1 where there were whites and the barbarian lands they colonized.

They literally removed white achievements in the name of appeasements.

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That's why torrents exist. Get a better product for free. Game torrenting went down when steam got good, now it's starting to come back due to how shitty most game companies act, even the "good" ones.

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Blockchain games are the future. Players will be able to make money and own the items they use. It's just getting started

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Can you explain? I left my tech skills in 2012.

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1:09 seconds video length is about right

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Did I spy a Ginsburg? It's the subtle little things you add that makes these great @SporadicX2 !

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Yeah, I made that for my 'Ding Dong the Jew is Dead' video.

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That was excellent! I'm crylaughing.

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I made some slight changes. I think it's even better now.


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The punch sounds in bathroom were hilarious/cheesy, LOVED the knockout bell sound. The end knight was absolutely badass. Near goosebumps. Good stuff!!


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That was great!

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That's good to hear, thanks for watching.

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*** I made some changes to the video and I renamed it to 'Deus Vult'. ***


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That first vidio ANGERED me. I was mugged in Penn Station by 2 niggers. What if it had been a murder of them (ie murder of crows).

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troop. a troop of niggers.

[–] thebearfromstartrack ago 

Troop is good, but murder was more poetic. because they frequently MURDER white people that way.

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