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Omg, just when I thought it could not get any better [or any worse], YOU DID IT!

You sick, disgusting genius!

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Are you sure this is stone toss? I’m pretty sure this is his cousin salad tosser

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This is the gayest comic I have ever seen and I love it.

I used the subtitle for my title, StoneToss' title was Stick in the Mud.

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Lol holy shit

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*unholy shit

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They fast, why so many are skinny

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Implying they were going to use his shit as lube.

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Oh my sweet summer child.

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reminds me of the passage from i hope they serve beer in hell. the mc got this girl to his house who he convinced to do anal. this was the guys first time so he put half a bottle up a womans ass. she shat the bed naked, he immediately kicks her out covered in shit naked from his appartment

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lol that's hilarious

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