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lol 'black jogger'.

How redundantly redundant!

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Got me too. Should have just said jogger. We know.

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they descried her as having blue eyes but she's wearing shades

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she did look jewy

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came here to say this

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When you run out of swastika paint, you create fake videos.

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https://dontvis.it/https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8739673/Crazed-Karen-hurls-glass-bottle-black-jogger-screams-racist-abuse.html :

2020-09-16 | Crazed 'Karen' hurls a glass bottle at a black jogger and screams racist abuse | Daily Mail Online

"An angry woman dubbed a 'Karen' screamed the n-word and threw a glass bottle at a black woman jogging in New York City in a brazen attack caught on video."

'The victim, a 37-year-old woman who lives in the Woodside neighborhood, was running in the area and passed the suspect, who was sipping from the glass bottle. '

'The bottle is heard shattering on the ground and the victim turned around confused after the glass smashed by her feet. ', "As the jogger approached the corner, the suspect suddenly threw the bottle and yelled 'Go back to Africa, n****r, police say according to the New York Daily News."

'Police say the suspect is a light-skinned woman in her 40s and appears to have a foreign accent. '

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Oh damn that's a jew for sure. We need a "Karen" for jewish women. Leah is my pick.

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I’m ok with Leah. It translates to weak and sick.

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she's also the original imposter

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Black Jogger HAHAHAHA

Go back to Africa, nigger!

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Fake and gay. Probably staged..