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Every time a new satire site raises the bar on ridiculous and far fetched satire, reality catches up and overtakes.

So this is what it's like when the demons are cast down to earth, having great anger, knowing they have a short time left - there is no sarcasm or parody that is too weird to be real!

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I really wish babylonbee would stop pretending to be satire and just admit the world is that stupid

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I think it's the world that needs to admit its stupidity. In the case of Poe vs Poe the judge must find in favor of the parody.

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I'm going to use that. We're the children in the divorce case of Poe v Poe.

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The Onion got to where their absurd was not absurd enough. Babylon Bee filled the necessary gap and now even they are not absurd enough .

Its almost like democrats are a fucking joke

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its almost like

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The Onion is dead now. They used to be really high quality, but now it's low budget rubbish.

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Didnt they get bought by some sjw cunts

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What the Fak

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"...Instead, they will just read Babylon Bee's headlines with quivering lips and grave expressions on their faces."

Yeah, that 's just .. yeah.