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I have a soft spot for philosophy but I get this meme.

I don't know anyone that makes money with a degree in philosophy but believe everyone should have some history with it. In fact, I think it should be taught in grade school and high school.

Still, this is a funny meme.

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Philosophy is good for men but (((philosophy))) is a cancer, and that's what's taught.

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I agree. I did not take it in school but started reading and studying it about 10 years ago.

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I love philosophy too, but it's sort of something you study on your own as you mature through life.

[–] Naughtius_Maximus ago 

That is what I have been doing but I believe it would be a good idea for everyone if this was taught in school. I see it as a way of teaching how to think and not what to think.

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As someone who has studied philosophy as a poor person who could not afford college, and studied some of it pretty extensively: I think the majority of academic philosophers are a fucking joke. They are literally the antithesis of what it means to be a philosopher; to love and seek wisdom.

They are a bunch of enculturated pussies who had PC 21st Century college thought patterns ingrained in them over years of indoctrination. They generally have only read excerpts of texts that were preselected by their professors, and haven’t read, especially not repeatedly read, the entire texts that they claim to have ‘read’ when you talk to them. If you don’t have a philosophy degree they will use it to act as though you are beneath them, even thought they can’t usually string an argument together to save their lives. The understanding they generally have is recycled information from the understanding of whoever was teaching them. They are told what to read, what’s important about it, they get all these gay takes and trivia like Schopenhauer was a misogynist, and Nietzsche was potentially a homosexual, while you are at the same time taught statistics, and have lecturers using the U.N. as sources for establishing ‘truths’ about the world. You are disincentivized from thinking for yourself, arguing if you disagree with the professor, or having controversial takes that might upset people.

The academy is the opposite of everything Plato intended it to be.

[–] binrobinro ago 

I think English, Spelling, and History should be taught in grade school and high school.

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Chris is using cut protection gloves, a helmet, and safety goggles to inspect a cabinet containing low voltage network wires.

Chris is a complete pussy.

But the meme checks out.

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I'm not sure where Chris is, but where I am he would also have to be in fire retardant coveralls with an extinguisher nearby and have safety fence set up around his work area. Of course, this is only after getting approval by an engineer after filling out an hour of paperwork and waiting another hour for a safety inspector to get on site.

[–] illuminalto2 0 points 6 points (+6|-0) ago 

Sounds like you in the UK brother!

[–] Inatehiggers ago 

Do we work at the same place?

[–] SeriousNiggerFaggot 0 points 5 points (+5|-0) ago 

His vest is clean and he has no stickers on his shiny new hard had. Chris is a first year, why the fuck is he in that panel when I told him to go trim receptacles!

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You would be surprised how stupid industrial safety can get. That said you can tell Chris is smiling as he can imagine the amount of paid hours it will take to clean up that cluster fuck.

[–] NiggadermCQ ago 

I think I watched the original of this one time.


[–] illuminalto2 ago 

You would be surprised how stupid industrial safety can get.

Oh I know. I'm Osha certified/licensed for a variety of things. And while I agree a healthy dose of common sense would circumvent much of the Osha standardized safety training, there's that low hanging fruit that seems to find it's way onto sites that is a liability to everyone else around. Those people are the reason stringent Osha standards exists.

That said you can tell Chris is smiling as he can imagine the amount of paid hours it will take to clean up that cluster fuck.


[–] my_goyim 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

Kike safety programs don’t care about reality.

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The only reason to go to college is for a degree in Engineering, Medicine or Law (for the most part).

-Engineering: Go for a 4 year degree (2 in community, 2 in state) and get a degree that isn't too specialized but pays well.

-Medicine and Law: Only go if your parents are upper or upper-middle class and willing to help pay, go for the full degree, not a partial degree and only go if you're willing to put off having a family until your 30s (I would not recommend).

If your a girl/women find a White man that makes over $50k per year (preferably over $80k per year) and marry him, your sexual market value goes down as you age to the point were by the time you are 25 most good men will avoid you because they will assume you're a whore and by 30 you're not attractive enough and don't have enough fertility left to attract a good (or even most bad) men unless they are a Mesophile.

[–] minx88 1 point 0 points (+1|-1) ago 

OK look we careful with that first of all a woman a person a human child is not developed clinically until 21 therefore before 21 it is illegal pedophilia!!! Because your brain is not fully developed it is actually non-consensual a child under 21 is impressionable there for easy to manipulate there for that is pedophilia and or abuse in general

A real man wants a woman who is in her 20s or 30s and you can have children healthy at 40s but after 50 no you cannot have children safely but also you could have problems if you are under 21 with pregnancy yes you can beYoung

I can be dangerous for the woman and the child

Stop thinking that all women are whores because they’re not married after 25 or 30 then you have to go to the therapist for issues with your mother

The best age to be married is between 25 and 35 that is a woman’s sexual peak and a woman is fertile until she is 45 but she don’t want to wait until 50 because then the child would be 20 when you’re 70 that’s not good either

So the best and the logical healthy is from 21 to 45 it is a short window so girls cannot be partying until they’re 30 and wasting their eggs even if you could have a healthy child at 45 it’s going to take a long time to find some that you actually want to marry and live with every single solitary day so girls have to keep healthy and strong and have respect for herself and only date men who are respectful of women and providers are protectors and reliable and loyal I’m not cheating on her because if you cheat on her then you’re going to get dumped

So guys also have respect for yourself and respect for women and be good men who are worthy of a woman and to keep that woman and be loyal to her and provide for her and make sure that the children respect you and your mom and your woman a woman

How to take care of her health and not have tattoos and piercings men and women stop drinking alcohol take care of your health not sleep around in your 20s and 30s that goes for men to because you’re going to get a disease and no girl wants a guy who behaves like a loser gigolo that will cheat and bring home a disease

And no woman wants especially beautiful women with intelligence they do not want idiots who want young girls and because these idiots who are young girls only do so because they can try to manipulate women because they don’t have respect for themselves

So find a woman perfectly 25 to 35 or 40 at the latest latest I have a child a healthy child in a healthy stable trust worthy relationship not a relationship of two insecure

Emotionally underdeveloped trying to power struggle with each other and having arguments all the time that’s boring n problematic for the child

Guy stop playing video games stop watching porn that’s Jewish shit

Respect for women is very attractive being a man that is dependable n loyal that’s a tractive

[–] 1488HeilPierce 1 point 0 points (+1|-1) ago  (edited ago)

No retard, marrying a women as 21 is completely fucking retarded and unhealthy for society, the fact she isn't fully developed before then is actually a good thing because a girl needs to be developing still to form a proper pair bond. Marrying younger girls (usually around 12-16) is the natural order of humanity, ensures a healthy pair-bond and ensures she will be virginal before marriage.

That is our biology, and for a healthy society to exist child marriage is what we should do if we are to ever form a White Ethnostate and exterminate all the niggers (all "black" "people" /negroids are niggers), kikes, race-mixers and cucks. More importantly, there is NO moral argument against what I am saying, younger girls can consent and the idea that "maturation" matters at all comes from the false leftist (Marxist) idea that two partners must be equal mentally (that she must be fully mature and/or equal mentally to consent, both of which are not only false but against biology, mature White men should be teaching young immature White girls they marry how to be proper wives). It also isn't just that girls loose the ability to properly pair-bond due to having premarital (and obviously extramarital, adulterous) sex but because they become too old to properly pair-bond (as stated above), they need to be pair-bonded during pubescence to properly pair-bond to their White husbands (the only people they can pair bond with). There is a reason girls are so emotional in pubescence, it's because that is when they are supposed to be pair-bonding to their White husbands, that is when they are supposed to be having sex with their White husbands and that is when they are supposed to be producing their first children.

Pretty much everything you said is completely fucking retarded, not only is there no reason to not marry and have sex with younger girls but marrying girls over the age of 21 (when they have fully developed) is unhealthy because they won't properly pair-bond not only due to age but because girls cannot wait to have sex until then and will have almost certainly had multiple sex partners (ruining her ability to pair-bond properly, or really at all).
There is absolutely nothing wrong with what I am saying, you have been indoctrinated by the kikes to think "pedophilia" is wrong because they wanted to raise the age of consent to destroy Western civilization by destroying natural marriage and monogamy (the basis of Western, White, Aryan civilization and society. What you are saying is not only stupid and wrong but makes no sense, if a girl is most emotional at around 12-16, can produce children at that age and wants to have sex at that age it would naturally follow that is when she should be getting married to her White husband and producing kids. Girls/women are also always "children" (at least in a sense) so your argument is dumb for that reason as well... also there is no reason (as stated above) to think it's wrong to fuck "children." Lastly these milestones I am talking about actually matter, a girl is supposed to get married and start fucking her White husband around the age of 12-16 and if she doesn't she will loose the ability to properly pair bond in the same way a feral child looses the a lot of the ability to ever properly connect with people and their speech is (almost always) permanently impaired.




So basically what I am saying is go be a Christcuck boomer somewhere else and just die.

[–] bdmthrfkr [S] ago 

Wise words from a newfag.

[–] minx88 ago 

New Fagge ?who are you calling new Fagge bitch you know nothing about women apparently ?get an education stop listening to other loser guys.

you need an intelligence to retain the information from Syd education

If you know anything about women than you understand women have their peak fertilite sexuality from 25 to 35 it’s just a biological fact

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Medicine and Law: Only go if your parents are upper or upper-middle class and willing to help pay, go for the full degree, not a partial degree and only go if you're willing to put off having a family until your 30s (I would not recommend).

Yeah, I'm doing medicine. You're right about the family thing, but I've never had any luck getting on that road anyway so fuck it. I'll work 7 days a week, get a week vacation the next, make more than enough money I'll just spend on guns, vidya, and whatever is cool at the time.... Fuck it. If I'm fucked enough to not be able to have a family I'm at least going to make some attempt at enjoying the crushing failure.

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I'm self taught at appliance repair. Tore my own appliances apart at the start to figure out how to do it. My company had six workers after a couple years. Retired to the beautiful mountains in twelve years.

Today, there are a million videos online showing you how to break down the machines and how to diagnose and repair all appliances. Please go do this! And be like me, the honest, dependable and affordable guy in an industry full of misfits. Make good money, set your own hours, take fun vacations with your loot. Oh, and wow, what a way to meet women!

[–] CeasarSalud ago 

Or you can go scholarship masterrace. Though I'm a nigger and told my school to fuck off anytime they ask for money.

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Goofus and Gallant. Only 1860s persons will get this.

[–] whambamthankyouham 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago 

'Highlights for Children' magazines would beg to differ.

[–] greydragon ago 

I loved that magazine as a kid.

[–] bdmthrfkr [S] 0 points 1 point (+1|-0) ago 

There is a LOT of good meme potential in the comic strip.

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Learn to code. Average starting salary is 60k in my area.

[–] RedPaladin 1 point -1 points (+0|-1) ago 

Best anyone in my area can do is minimum 3 years experience in 4 different coding languages for $35k starting.

[–] MrPim 0 points 4 points (+4|-0) ago  (edited ago)

The fact that salaries for coding vary according to area shows just how fucked the world is. Something that can be done entirely remotely.

[–] LeopoldXXII ago 

Lol and where's that, Bangladesh?

[–] VicariousJambi 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

pretends to be philosophical

believes in abortion

[–] noob_tube 1 point 0 points (+1|-1) ago 

I "believe" in abortion. We'd be overrun with niggers long ago if not.

[–] Phantom42 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

Sterilization is more efficient and less baby-killer-jewish-like.

[–] minx88 ago 

killing Nager babies is not abortion they are said humans they are not human they are some species of monkeys they have no front load they have an IQ of 50 to 70 which is clinical retardation they have a DNA factor of violence even if there’s a fraction of black in your in your blood then you have a tendency to violence and your ability to retain informationInto annunciate would be a constant challenge blacks they are not human .Humans have empathy and remorse and blacks do not have remorse or empathy if they seem that it is fake with all of the violence that they an act they have proven they have no remorse even for each other not only do they have sex with monkeys and eat them but they cannibalize each other if you have issues with facts take it to a therapist

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This is misleading. The degree is worthless don't get me wrong, but to hit that $80k mark you need many years of $25k internships where you're lucky to put food on the table.

Blue collar jobs are fast becoming the new "do it for the exposure" unless you go and get an engineering degree. Very few internships, if any, are willing to pick up someone from scratch. To get a paid one, you have to have a year or two of experience.

[–] NoseSubversion 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago 

Engineering degrees now are only paying $45k to start. Average is $60k. The only high dollar engineering degrees now are chemical or architectural. MEs and EEs are getting fucked over.

[–] CowWithBeef 0 points 1 point (+1|-0) ago  (edited ago)

You can go on salary.com and see what mechanical or electrical engineer 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5's make. It's not bad. Software is currently where the money is though.

Edit: Engineers often can take a management track instead if they really want money.

[–] JJNova 0 points 1 point (+1|-0) ago 

Depends on the market, Where I am, you start the apprenticeship at $15 an hour and 4-5 years later you are making $24-28 an hour.

I work in an area that is dominated by open shops. If you are in an area where the IBEW has a stronghold, then you make more (not arguing for or against unions, just using it as a reference). It's nice to come out with an education and not have student debt.

[–] RedPaladin 0 points 1 point (+1|-0) ago 

That's still a far cry from the $40 an hour the meme implies.

Internships with 2 years previous experience go for $10 an hour around here.

[–] poly 0 points 1 point (+1|-0) ago 

Its a job thats difficult to do, hard to understand, dangerous, hot, sweaty...

And therefore not too many young people want to go into the field.

Additionally, the job gets more complex every year, making the barriers to entry higher each year.

Additionally, the demand for electricians is growing, while the supply is not keeping pace, resulting in a shortage of labor, which means labor is better positioned to negotiate pay and benefits.

[–] 1waystreet 1 point 1 point (+2|-1) ago 

And whose fault is that? The generation trying to learn, or the generation that is scared to be replaced and continually makes it more difficult to learn?

[–] BasedWolf 0 points 1 point (+1|-0) ago 

Yeah, the educated = smart/experienced/worth half a shit meme is one of the most pervasive the left has come out with.

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