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In WHAT universe is that APPROPRIATE? touching/kissing STRANGERS without PERMISSION??? A TRUE Dominance gesture.

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In a predators universe I guess

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10/10 thumbnail

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I have a folder full of Biden memes at this point, they're almost irrelevant. He's a nonentity, he has no real support base, the only people who might vote for him aren't voting for him, they're voting against Trump. So saying "Biden man bad" is ineffective since they'll probably agree.

I'm still convinced he's going to be retired (for real or Epstein style) to hand Gabbard the nomination, presumably in the hope that identity politics and the optics of electing a black woman will improve turnout.

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Gabbard? Surely you mean Harris...

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Y'all look alike. (you're correct, I'm an idiot)

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