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I don't trust experts and their theories anymore. The language of statistics is too easily subjected to manipulation by the grant they receive.

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They have families to feed and real (non-corporate) science doesn't pay that well.

Write against a product, expect to be blacklisted.

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I'd rather live in poverty than allow the next generation to be mired in falsehood. You fuck with your own children's trust, it'll come back to bite you in the ass a thousand fold.

There is no price tag for trust. Once it's gone, no amount of money can save your soul.

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Didn't one of the front line doctors reveal that one of the HCQ studies published showing the drug hurts lung cells was hiding the fact that the type of lung cell the drug was harming was lung cancer cells? Hidden way down in the citations.

They will do anything to lie to you.

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It is an argument from authority from the start, like most arguments because most people (and i'm not excluding myself) can't comprehend all of the complex topics that make our reality so either there are arguments from authority or most people don't "know" anything. The question is: what's the authority.

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For me it's just a matter of believing that people actually did the experiments they claimed. I mean, I've been published before. I'm aware of what it takes to some extent. I've seen experiments being performed. I know all the math. In many cases, especially in the core sciences, it isn't so hard to believe for me that they actually did what they claimed to do in the paper. Plus, ideally, results should be verified.

For theory papers it's even easier because you just make sure their math and logic check out. But that might be more of a physics thing. I don't know if there even is such a thing as theoretical zoology for example. Can't really imagine how that would work.

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Yea, you may be in the minority i was talking about in the cases you described but i bet there are a ton of topics you have no idea about and you have to take the arguments from authority or have no opinion on these topics (which rarely happens with people). In these kinds of situations it's good to pay attention to who the authority is. f.e. if some faggot jew scientist says it's beneficial to cut part of my kids dick i will definitely approach it with a lot of caution even if he's done 6 million studies on it.

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Science says , if you put science says in front of anything, it becomes 2,000% more creditable.

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Science says I'm the strongest guy on voat and the rest of you are all puny manlets.

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Science says that you suck big dick.

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Kind of like some voat posts that goes with the prevailing narrative.

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I'm sure you thought that was pithy but people who aren't inside your head don't know what you're referring to

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A good chunk of users barely read the title before interacting with it, much less the whole article being linked to.

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All the "experts" of all kind of todays "elite" should be jugded by the people when the paradigm shift is coming. From economie to medicine to social work etc. This must have an end and a new time of science must beginning.

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Scientific consensus!

Most experts agree!

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