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just whisper to them: forensic anthropology is real, and it works.

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Also fun is asking the retardedly obvious questions.

"If genes don't matter, then what causes the skin colors to be different?"

"Are you claiming race isn't heritable? If so, then how come white babies are never born to black parents?"

Etc. Make them squirm.

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Seems like shooting them would be just as edifying for me, while overall more pragmatic.

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It's all skin deep! /s

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I find a sound application of logic to be disregarding anybody who utters the line “I believe in science” as a pseudo-religious moron. “Science” is just a process we use to test hypotheses using observational evidence. It does not require “belief”, very few scientific facts are absolute, and no scientists (save for Richard Dawkins) regard themselves as infallible. Religiosity is a part of the human condition, and anyone who utters the phrase “I believe in science” has clearly just replaced their culture’s traditional dogmatic faith with a new one.

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This is their intention, now they control the 'faith'

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Dawkins isn’t that bad. His problem is that he discovered where the lines of acceptable dialogue are a little bit too late in the game. He thought his well received iconoclasty in regard to religion was going to be similarly upheld as he moved into other areas of thought.

I 100% believe he’s closer to being Our Guy than he will ever be able to admit, since he seems dead set on maintaining some kind of position in society.

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I just find him to be a pompous and arrogant arse. More his personality that gets me than his work.

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The savagery of the negro species has been undisputed for more than 2,500 years. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hanno_the_Navigator

The obvious differences between our species was understood by all races, including the negro species. It's only been in the last few generations (since jewish control of western nations) that scientific evidence has been superseded by "feelings" and "social justice". The false narrative of equality between the species has resulted in a mongrel hybrid, half human / half negro, that doesn't belong to either group. This fake science won't last for long. With the advent of the internet, the animalistic behavior of the negro can no longer be hidden by the MSM. People see how these creatures act in real life.

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Maybe the real reason for this social justice movement is that the American black is part jewish and the kikes feel some kinship to them

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Most of the negroes in America have jew blood from the slave days. The jews distain them because their jew blood is from the patriarchal lineage whilst "true" judaism is considered to be matriarchal only.

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Or with the advent of the internet they can subvert and confuse the weak-minded with bllsht feelings and social justic

[–] LettItBurn ago 

Every time you post a comment online, no matter what your opinion, you'll reach more people and have more influence than any regular, common person since the invention of the printing press.

The truth will prevail.

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To add on to this. Tranny skeletons never pass. :D

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Any race realism position supported by science they dismiss as "scientific racism."

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Simply white race has better genetics = higher average IQ. Jews and their liberals supress this fact with their racial equality lies.

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That Darwin quote is gold. It can be deployed against leftists so easily. Butter them up with why creationism is stupid and how evolution works and how species evolve and how taxonomy works, then stick this in their gaping logic hole.

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