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Here are links to a couple of the memes I made for this video.



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I applaud the effort.

Really nice to see more OC on here.

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Thanks, I feel obligated to fight cultural Marxism as best I can.

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Well done, LOL!

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Thanks for watching!

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McRoof Chicken

Made me lol a little.

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Cactus Jack was the Galbadian national anthem in Final Fantasy VIII. That's all I remember about it.

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I lost it at the thumbs.

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This post is why why I came on tonight

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Thanks for watching, I appreciate it.

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Never heard of him.

Cactus Jack was a final video game sequel to a GOOD franchise that I can't remember the name of I think.

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Are you thinking Contract Jack from No One Lives Forever?

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I had no idea who he was until I found the article while I was looking for BCM material.

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McDonald's is already the biggest player in the fast-food game, but the brand is hoping some of Travis Scott's success and Gen-Z appeal will rub off on the Golden Arches. In a special promotion with Scott, McDonald's is serving up the Cactus Jack for one month, starting Tuesday, September 8. The Cactus Jack, named after Scott's nickname and record label, is a very specific combo meal.

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