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Fuck, I cannot even imagine having to be a landlord to niggers or any sort of trash and the legal issues that would come along with it.

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Any negative action is met with "muh racism" so you just gotta pay a black trans handicap woman minimum wage to deal with it. Now you're protected from all manner of discrimination lawsuits.

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I identify as a nigger trans handicap woman, will you hire me?

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His fault for renting to them.

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Prob used an agent and didn't know the laws. Can't say no to a nigger once you list w/ an agent.

..but yes, totally agree. the above does not negate your point in any way.

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I know a slum lord. He's always really bitter, cynical, and seems angry about the world. I kinda understand it now.

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sounds like a typical jew

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Slum means nigger hole

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A landlord and a cop. Two of the worst job you have around niggers. And teachers too.

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And any service industry.

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Unemployed Houston mom has been getting paid at least $3600+ a month for the last few months. To put into perspective, the $8 minimum wage earning cashier at your local grocery store/walmart working 27 hours (because anything 30+ would mean we have to give them free health care and that's more costly than their wage) earned around $216 a week, and they get to keep around $190 of it. So in a month, that "critical" person to our society who got to keep their job earned around $760 (take home) in a month. Meanwhile Shanequa over here got $3600+ doing jack and probably more that she's got two parasites with her. I think it's $500 each, or so claims the government. So Shanequa gets $4600+ a month, and that chashier you visit every week gets $760 every month.

And guess who's on the news, bitching about not paying their rent?

Also to put the vast majority of this into perspective. A $4600+ a month is around $55,000+ a year, which is around what the Median amount of American households make. So if 50% of American (households, not individuals mind you) are "making it' with less, how is unemployed Shanequa sitting on her ass all day not able to handle rent?

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Because Laqueefa can’t stop blowing cash on stupid shit. Niggers are out of money by the end of the first week and wait around for the first of the month the rest of the time.

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Pre frontal lobe woes

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I remember when Covid first hit and there was this meme going around encouraging people to not shop on the first of the month because that’s when people got their government gibs.

As a result, I made sure to plan my biggest shopping trip for that day. If you’re living on my money, you can get what’s leftover after I’m done shopping.

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we need to execute niggers (and hell, whites while we are at it) who are perpetual leeches on society. It's out of hand. Anyone who hasn't contributed in the last 5 years gets 2 years to figure it out. death penatly or free ticket to anywhere in israel or africa is your 3 choices should you not fix your faggot self within those 2 years.

[–] HeavyBrain ago 

Which would be find, but I still don't understand how if you have the money you don't by pure instinct pay first for that thing that keeps you warm at night (rent + utilities) then fill up your fridge.

Its a moot point anyway since as a nigger you can go out and steal up to 950$ worth of shit without punishment, so how can you run out of money.

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Exactly. The landlord made this sign because HE KNOWS his tenant. Knows shes been bragging about the 5k a month unemployment and has probably not paid rent this entire fucking time

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I know the world is upside down right now, but reading that is just fucking depressing.

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Isn't unemployment based on your last job?

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The wucold nigger stimulus money added hundreds of dollars per week regardless of current income

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It’s insensitive to not pay your fucking rent.

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But I'm single mumuh and white racism and Jordans and lottery tickets.

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I bought 3 dollars in scratch offs and lost my 3 dollars

[–] HeavyBrain ago 

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Look at them, mimicking humans as best they can to garner sympathy and gibbs. Pathetic.

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She even put on her people hair wig.

[–] CognitiveDissident5 1 point 8 points (+9|-1) ago 

Her White people hair hat.

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That emoji made me laugh so hard I cried.

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I snorted.

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Even being a slumlord has its good days.

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she din pay nuffin

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shit thing is it links people who werent paying their bills anyway with 'hardship through pandemic' while ignoring the fact that people exist whos sole issue now comes from this pandemic bullshit that get evicted every day you never hear about despite it apparently being against the law in the US for the moment.

im so shit with money its amazing and yet ive done fine. all my bills paid. nothing more terrifying to me than the thought of an eviction notice. if im capable any nigger should. im not bright.

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Well you’re not a nigger. That’s like a 100x advantage.

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Plenty of dumbass whites are failing by their own hand as well we just dont let them play victim.

I didnt get shit just by being white in what used to be a sea of whites. If i dont work i go homeless.

So you are correct but its still only half the story.

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