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Perfect edit! lmao!

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Timing worked out very nicely

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I always wonder if this is like video game/movie delusion taken to extreme or if they just think the police would never hurt them?

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That's not a man. That is a soyboy.

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That wasn't a man it was an antifa. Antifas have been rejected by life.

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Isn't it a woman in the video clip?

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That show sure did go downhill real quick after that season. I don't even know anyone who still watches it.

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I tried and could not watch it. The writers went hard left and floored the gas. Out of being bored I did eventually watch the next season and it was bad... The last episode I watched (most recent) was better. I hope they noticed their ratings and will start writing like they used to.

EDIT: I no longer go out of my way to watch them.

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bad boy fall down, go boom