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Well it was hell for jews. They had to work for a living not charge interest.

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With a free ride home to Israel and almost Madagascar.

Maybe in a different timeline somewhere. :/

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I hear a brave baby jew born in the gas chamber managed to get one of the Tom & Jerry rifles that got bent backwards so jews would shoot themselves in the face and used that rifle to kill the bear and set the eagle free and then the whole camp clapped.

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His birth was a miracle, Dr, Mengele didn't perform abortion on his mother because she hid her belly by tying to her belly a bowl that she used to wash clothes in, eat from and shit in.

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Dr mengle saved thousands of jews with surgical life saving intervention. His journal and studies write about this, hence why they have kept it under lock and key. The idea of Mengele as some sort of butcher has to be perpetuated because it's part of the holohaux black propaganda.

[–] Usernamenameuser ago 

The eagle was set free and thats how America was born.

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STOO IT! Read the restimony of Jokeob Kikeberg: "As the bear was eating my flesh, the Eagle kept surprisingly lifting his wing as to do the Nazi salute. The bear was sodomizing me at the same time he was eating my hands. The eagle then proceeded to chant a kind of bird call rhat sounded like this: 'hitttlerrrr'. It was the most terrifying act of barbarism ever made. I will in a million years thought that I would haved survived this. I hid my half eaten body undrr the fence. Dragged myself 500 miles wt a trail of blood. Later, heroic Soviet soldiers saved my life".

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You forgot to mention the wolf regurgitating its meals to feed you while you hid in a cave.

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The 6 gorillion is real in their mind.

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If you feed a jew an apple a day.

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You still have a jew.

[–] Juicebageddy ago 

And one less apple.

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Man, that is a big dog!

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Is this going to be up for vote soon?

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Anyone one that heard that story must have broke out laughing. SMH

[–] Merlynn ago 

Why is there a furry in the picture?

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